Texas twosome headed back to original seller


DebtTom, Rick and Harley Broadcasting had a plan to start a radio company in central Texas with a pair of FMs acquired from Munbilla Broadcasting. But keeping its note payments current proved too big a hurdle.

The stations involved are KRZS-FM Hunt TX and KHLB-FM Mason TX, both in unrated portions of the state west of San Antonio, and without any contour overlap. They were acquired in deals filed with the FCC 6/23/10 for a total of $725K according to the contract filed with the FCC at the time.

Now seller Munbilla, headed by Shane Fox, is asking the FCC for permission to call them back. It says it hasn’t received a payment from TRHB since the beginning of 2012, and says it is owed a total of $673K. The transaction would be purely based on debt forgiveness.

KRZS-FM is a Class C3 on 99.9 MHz with 14.5 kW @ 200’, and a CP to go to  11 kW @ 423’. If the FCC approves the transfer, it would pair up with Munbilla’s KYRT-FM, once it completes a CP allowing it to move to Hunt. It will be a Class A on 97.9 MHz with 4.5 kW @ 377’.

KHLB-FM is a Class C2 on 102.5 MHz with 26 kW @ 630’. It would for a duopoly with Munbilla’s KZZM-FM Mason, a Class C3 on 101.7 MHz with 8.2 kW @ 564’.

It would temporarily also be in a local cluster with the current configuration of KYRT. At the moment, it is also licensed to Mason as a Class A on 97.9 MHz with 2.4 kW @ 525’.