The AMEX Channel interactive TV campaign launches


American Express and BrightLine announced the rollout of the “largest Interactive TV campaign ever executed,” enabling cardmembers and prospects to have an interactive on-demand viewing experience. The nationwide interactive TV channel will reach more than 50 million households in the US. Viewers can access it through various gateways including clickable overlays that will air alongside some AMEX commercials, dedicated channel positions, channel guide listings, interactive banners and more.

The AMEX Channel has been designed to function as an evolving resource for cardmembers and prospects by enabling them to visually explore the American Express experience via shared member stories, special offers and more. The interactive TV experience will allow viewers to explore the benefits of membership, discover what cards are right for them, play games, find out what’s new from American Express and watch original content.

“As technology advances at an unprecedented rate and consumer expectations rapidly evolve as a result, businesses must adapt,” said Lou Paskalis, VP/Global Media Content Development and Mobile Marketing, American Express. “At American Express, we strive to be at the forefront of that transition by delivering opportunities and services to our current and future customers. This era of continuous digital innovation has allowed us to create a versatile platform to engage audiences in new and exciting ways. The AMEX Channel will deliver for us an ‘always on’ means for showcasing our services, within the television medium, shortening the pathway from discovery to engagement.”

Mindshare handled planning for the effort.