The Andrea Tantaros Show gets praise from affiliates


Andrea TantarosTRN Entertainment’s The Andrea Tantaros Show is gaining both station affiliations and major market praise. The nationally syndicated show airs Monday-Friday, 9 a.m. to Noon ET (6 a.m. to 9 a.m. PT). The New York Observer recently proclaimed “Andrea Tantaros, Fox’s New ‘It’ Girl” in a front page cover story in the print edition. The Andrea Tantaros Show is currently heard Coast to Coast from Philadelphia to Sacramento, Denver, Providence, Newark, Knoxville, Riverside, Birmingham, Reno, Phoenix, Hartford, Cartersville, Lafayette, Roanoke, Victor Valley, Pensacola, Burlington and many more top markets. Now, we’re hearing kudos from some of those markets:

Barry Papiernik General Manager of WFYL-AM Philadelphia says, “In a very short time Andrea Tantanos has made a major splash in the Philly market. Listeners and advertisers tell us they love everything about her program: her topics, her guests and her style. Philadelphia fans are legendary. They can be very tough. But they recognize the real deal, and Andrea … she’s the real deal. WFYL’s listeners love Andrea.”

Eric Fahnoe Vice President/General Manager, Buckley Radio of Connecticut- WDRC-AM says, “We’re thrilled with the lively and engaging perspective that The Andrea Tantaros Show brings to The Talk of Connecticut station line up. Andrea’s fresh presentation addresses contemporary issues and perfectly aligns with the direction we wanted to take our programming in 2013!”

Bob Angel Program Director WADK-AM Providence, RI says, “Andrea brings us a fresh new voice and attitude we had been looking for.  It’s not a matter of agreeing or disagreeing with what she has to say.  It’s more an appreciation of her style, her approach, and her listen ability.  She exhibits an obvious awareness of the issues along with a refreshing insight and how to express it…We constantly strive for listener appeal and, with Andrea; early indications reflect that we are enhancing that.”

John Low Owner/General Manager KBSZ 1260 AM & 96.1 FM, Phoenix, AZ said, “We just started airing Andrea Tantaros with fabulous listener reaction.”

Sean Patrick Program Director of KNEZ-AM Reno, NV says, “Andrea Tantaros is a fabulous addition to our lineup.  She is the breath of fresh air that conservative talk radio has been lacking, a female perspective that is conversational.  She is a rising star in the format and we are proud to have her on our station.”