“The Arby’s Rescue Brigade” challenges fight against ordinary fast food


Arby’s Restaurant Group announced the introduction of a new campaign that challenges consumers to join the fight against ho-hum, every day fast food.

The campaign, via Merkley & Partners, features the Arby’s Rescue Brigade, a group of dedicated Arby’s enthusiasts whose sole mission is to save the world from ordinary fast food. The Brigade travels across the country in a boldly designed Rescue Mobile showing up on the scene when someone is eating a bland, unsatisfying fast food meal.

The Arby’s Rescue Brigade is led by Captain John Maddox, who founded the Brigade after experiencing what will forever be known as the “greasy burger incident.” Maddox set out on a mission to find other Arby’s lovers who would help him with his newfound calling. He recruited lovers of curly fries, Jamocha Shakes, classic Beef ‘n Cheddar and Toasted Sub sandwiches. And thus, the Arby’s Rescue Brigade was born.

The first ad highlights Arby’s Philly Beef and Fajita Flatbread Melts. In addition, Arby’s has partnered with Yahoo! to feature the Brigade on several of its high traffic pages as well as in :15 streaming videos showcasing a few of Arby’s most popular snacks and shakes.