'The Bachelor' Brad faces rejected 'Bachelorettes'


“The Women Tell All” — It’s an explosive reunion viewers won’t want to miss, as the most memorable bachelorettes from this season – including Alli, Ashley H., Ashley S., Britt, Jackie, Madison, Melissa, Michelle and Raichel — return to confront each other and Brad one last time on national television to dish the dirt and tell their side of the story.

Michelle, the season’s most controversial bachelorette, comes under fire from the other women. Will she fight back and be her fiery self, or will viewers see another, softer side of her?

Will sparks fly when Melissa and Raichel face off again after their volatile argument that likely cost both a chance to be with Brad?

A devastated Ashley H. admits she still has regrets about her last date with Brad, but what has she learned from her experience? And will Ashley S. find the closure she never got from the Bachelor after her disastrous two-on-one date?
A sneak peek at the season finale and the final two bachelorettes – Chantal and Emily – will also be featured, on “The Bachelor: The Women Tell All,” MONDAY, MARCH 7 (8:00-10:01 p.m., ET), on the ABC Television Network.

Michelle is the target for the women’s wrath. The bachelorettes confront her about her whole approach to dating Brad and how her snarky comments about the other women really ruffled their feathers. A tearful Michelle admits that her behavior is a defense mechanism and that she feels guilty for leaving her daughter. She claims that she really came on the show to find love for both her and her daughter. But that just sets the women off more. Sarah, Jackie and Stacey pile on, with Michelle becoming hysterical. But Britt defends her and wonders why anyone would take her behavior so seriously, given how beautiful and funny she is.

Nothing has changed between Melissa and Raichel since their explosive fight at the beginning of the series. They really go at each other, as Melissa tries to explain herself and Raichel immediately reverts to calling her “poisonous” and “toxic,” blaming her for ruining her chances with Brad. But the other women jump in and point to errors both women made, in an effort to calm them.

When a distraught Ashley H. takes the hot seat, she admits that she didn’t really hear Brad when he tried to tell her how he felt about her the whole time, and that her retracting from him in the end was a way of protecting herself. Was she truly in love with Brad? This was an eye-opening experience for Ashley H., and she reveals how she has changed because of it.

Ashley S., who had one of the most emotional departures of the season, discusses the impact her past bad relationships have had on her and why she was hopeful in dating Brad and getting the “first impression” rose. Her optimism turned to despair when Brad rejected her in Las Vegas, telling her she wasn’t the woman he saw as his wife. She compares it to “a dagger to her heart.”

Then Brad takes the hot seat and is confronted by the women he rejected. What will he tell Ashley S., Michelle and Ashley H. about his decisions to move on without them?

However, in talking about the woman he chose in the end, Brad reveals that he is happier than at any other time in his life.

This woman has changed his life, and he has fallen in love with her more and more each day.

It’s the bachelorettes like you’ve never seen them before! The special also includes a sneak peek at the season finale and the final two bachelorettes, Chantal and Emily.

Hosted by Chris Harrison, “The Bachelor: The Women Tell All” is a production of Next Entertainment in association with Warner Horizon Television. Mike Fleiss and Martin Hilton are the executive producers.

(source: ABC)