The Bachelor, Episode 2: Jumping off buildings, romance novel cover photos and a prank


I’ve had a few days now to recover from my DVR not recording the beginning of The Bachelor this week.  It turns out that I have a lot of anxiety around this show.  I crave it like drugs.  Thankfully, I have the nicest readers and they eagerly filled me in on what I missed.  Phew.

A few general comments about this week’s episode:

(1)   Sean is still coming off like a genuine, all-around great guy.  If you recall Ben Flajnik’s season, I had really high hopes for him based on what we saw of his personality on Ashley Hebert’s season.  Then we witnessed his kind behavior diminish during his time as Bachelor.  He was borderline rude to some of the ladies who brought to his attention that Courtney Robertson was no angel.  I don’t think we’re going to find that with Sean.  He’s so damn pure at heart and his whole “I want to protect and provide for (his future wife) and be her rock, etc.” has these ladies melting before him.

(2)  There is so much make-up being used on this show that it’s difficult to ascertain who’s actually pretty and who just looks pretty. Selma, for example, is absolutely stunning but puts on an insane amount of make-up.  One of my friends wrote in to say she looks like Meadow Soprano (the actress, Jamie Lynn Siegler).  Others have said she somewhat resembles DeAnna Pappas.  During the first episode, during the “Coming Up This Season of The Bachelor” segment, there was a shot of Selma without any make-up and I swear – it was a completely different human.  Tierra was also caking it on during the Harlequin cover group date photo shoot.  True – you’re supposed to wear a lot of make-up at these things, but it was getting out of control.  Plus that’s no excuse for Tierra’s eyebrows to be so darn expressive.

(3)  The Group date was ridiculous, but as expected for the first group date.  You’d think with all of Kristy’s enthusiasm and teeth, she would have dressed up as a tiger and pawed her way at Sean.  Instead, she was bouncing off the walls at how excited she was to do a photo shoot.  This made no sense to me because she’s supposed to be a professional model.  She acted like this was the first time in her life such an opportunity had been presented to her.  She deemed the photo shoot a “dream come true.”  Hasn’t anyone told her that she’s supposed to only find SEAN to be the dream come true?  Shhhhh, Kristy, or someone might think you only came on this show to enhance your modeling career!

(4)  We also saw the claws start to come out.  Robyn was trashing Tierra who was sitting right next to her in the hair / make-up chair by saying “Tacky Ho’s are a dime a dozen.”  Kacie B was starting to chime in too with her comment, “Hi Tierra. Eye of the hurricane is coming. Cat 5.”

(5)  Catherine is a beautiful girl, but we have yet to see her say anything of substance.  This week, she had one of the more memorable lines with, “I’m vegan, but I love the beef.”  Is she talking about Sean’s beefy biceps?  His meaty abdominals?  Or is she talking about his meat stick? No matter what she meant, I rolled my eyes at this one, though you saw Sean immediately light up at the comment.

Some things I couldn’t help but notice:

•           What the hell was gigantic smile Amanda wearing at the rose ceremony party?  Big Bird yellow is not flattering on most people but that dress with the large rose shoulder pad things was just distracting.  She wasn’t responding when the other girls tried to talk to her.  She just sat alone on the couch being awkward until perking up whenever Sean was around.   If you’re going to be awkward, at least wear a drop dead gorgeous dress to do your speaking for you.

•           I know I missed Sarah and Sean going down the side of a building, but couldn’t they have come up with a different type of date for someone with a physical disability?  Why couldn’t she have gotten the art auction fake-out date?  Didn’t Sean care about Sarah’s sense of humor?

•           Daniella seems to be the reporter of all things controversial in the group.  She calls Katie (Squirrel hair) “awkward.”  She bashes Tierra basically saying she’s moping about.  At one point she makes fun of her name, questioning whether you say it like “Tee-ehh-ra” or “Tiara,” like a princess would wear.  We don’t see much of Daniella’s interactions with Sean, but it doesn’t matter because her commentary is more important.

•           Does Desiree look a little bit like Katie Holmes?  And did Sean actually cook that steak back at his house?  If not, I think the best job in the world may be the person that makes all the food for Bachelor dates.  If Sean likes steak and lives in Texas where meat is part of the culture, not sure Catherine would be a good match.

•           With regards to the prank on Desiree, did anyone else think she was not worried for a second when that fake art piece fell? She had a smile on her face like she knew what was going on and was mildly acting worried and defensive.  She didn’t even do the “OMG” face when the art shattered.  This was a pretty unconvincing – she had to know there were cameras there taping the whole thing and really if it went bad, she knew the show would pay for it.  Next time, they should bring in Ashton Kutcher to pull a Punked! type prank. If Dez really had a sense of humor she would have thought about how to get Shawn back.  Actually if any of the ladies could think of something to pull on Shawn, I bet he’d definitely pay her some extra attention.  Sean mentioned in his blog this week that he started to think that Dez might be one the one during their date.  Which means she’s probably not our girl, because if she was, he would never have revealed that.

•           The evening gowns were a bit crazy and definitely worth noting.  Kacie B’s legs are so skinny and she loves to show them off with her high hem lines.  Again the make-up was in full blast.   On a side note, I’m still blown away by many of the dresses revealed at The Golden Globe Awards on Sunday (Hayden Panetierre, Jessica Alba and Claire Danes were particularly stunning).  Also, not sure if any of caught Chris Harrison hosting Miss America over the weekend, but those evening gowns were quite incredible as well. Still think there is something quite barbaric about so many women prancing around a stage in bikinis to get scored, but my opinion does not count.  You can read more about Chris’s hosting gig and blog about Episode 2 here, though we don’t really learn anything new:

•           For as hated as Tierra is becoming, I agreed with her anger towards Kacie B after Kacie got the rose on the group date.  Tierra said, “I wanted to punch her.”  I kind of did too, especially when Kacie initiated a toast upon receiving the rose.  Why would any of the other girls want to toast after that?  Yes, I get she’s the veteran of the group, but she’s got to be a little more understanding and not rub it in their faces.  That said, I’m happy Kacie at least got Sean to admit he was willing to see what was there between them.

•           Gold star goes to Robyn for asking Sean if he’s only into white chicks.

•           Do we think Amanda brought that flowery ceramic mug from home and what was in it?  Wine?  Coffee?  Tranquilizers?

•           By the end of the night we learn that Selma is Arabic, Lindsay’s dad is a General and Sean thinks his wife is among this pack of ladies.  The Husband’s favorites right now are Jackie (he likes her reddish hair and blue eyes), Daniella (he thinks she looks like an actress on Sparticus) and Lesley from DC. When Sean handed out roses to Jackie and Daniella, he actually cheered.  I’m into Lesley, Sarah, Selma and Des.  The rest I need to get to know.  Surprisingly, I don’t dislike Tierra at this point.  And she really is reminding me of Melissa Rycroft from Jason Mesnick’s season.  Who are your favorites after the first episode of dates??

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