'The Bachelor in Panama ' Courtney goes native, Casey goes home (review)


Let’s talk Panama.  I think there may have been a lot of people that were too hungover or tired from The Superbowl to devote much time to this week’s Bachelor.  DVRs and Tivos across the globe were working overtime, no doubt, to capture the episode and save it for a time where you have fully digested the wings, beer and guacamole consumed.  I understand.  But for those of you who couldn’t wait to watch the latest Courtney antics – there’s much to discuss.

My favorite moments from Panama:

Kacie B is back and on top!  I was so happy that Kacie B got another one on one date.  Ben could have easily given the date to Jamie, who he hasn’t had any time with, or Casey S (Paris Hilton), but the fact that he picked a repeat one on one lady is a great sign for Kacie.  The whole “Castaway” island date was very unique.  The Husband and I concluded that we would never survive together on a deserted island.  First off, where is the bathroom? That would be my number one concern.  It looked like they were out there for hours and that just wouldn’t fly with my digestive system.  Second, if we had to rely on our net catching skills to secure lunch, we’d starve to death.  Not to mention, having to slice the poor guy open and roast it over a fire.  I’m getting nauseous just thinking about it.  The fact that Kacie can so easily go along with all of this insanity means she may be a perfect match for Ben.  That is, if he hadn’t been naked a couple days earlier with another woman.  I thought Kacie looked beautiful on her date – I am pretty sure she has 6 pack toned abdominal muscles and I am completely jealous.  I wanted to hear more about how she deals with her eating disorder, but I’m glad that Ben took her revelation well.

Once Ben and Kacie started comparing their survival island date in San Blas to making a relationship work (you have to trust your partner, you have to work together, you have to blah blah blah), I had to laugh.  Maybe I just didn’t see the hardship in being sent by helicopter to an exotic island for a couple of hours (besides the lack of bathroom situation), but that’s just me.  You can see in Kacie’s eyes that she’s got it bad for Ben.  She’s saying things like, “we could be engaged in a couple of weeks.”

The women are very turned on by Ben’s manliness this episode.  Kacie was turned on by his ability to hack a coconut.  Jamie got aroused by Ben pulling up on the group date in a hollowed out tree with a motor.  These are very odd skills, but good for Ben.

The Embera Village date was very entertaining to watch.  Especially once the girls were freaking out about Courtney’s lack of breast coverage.  One reader commented on this blog that being topless is perfectly acceptable in Panama, and the people in the village probably didn’t think twice about Courtney’s “ladies” hanging out.  That said, I love how they panned the camera to the little boys staring up at Courtney.  You may not like her, but she’s a strategic master.  She knows what Ben likes and she’s not afraid to give it to him.

When Courtney starts dancing around, hands in the air with Ben and her bouncing boobs, I thought we could pretty much eliminate all of the other ladies there.  Thankfully, Ben had the sense not to give Courtney the rose on the group date, though she tried her best to manipulate him again.

Courtney’s wrap skirt almost falling down while she’s dancing.  I am shocked Courtney didn’t let it fall on purpose.

 I was amazed that Emily apologized to Courtney and even more amazed at Court’s response.  Cold as ice.  Even more awesome was when Ben walked in on the end of their conversation and everyone went silent.  Emily revealed a lot of class in admitting her “rash judgment,” but in the end, she was spot on in her initial assessment.

 Courtney sounding almost in tears because Ben doesn’t come to her room (thought they all stayed in a group suite or at least doubled up in rooms??).  Then says men disappoint her often because things go great in the beginning.  I’m sensing a pattern here.  She seduces men with her body and sleuthing and then they lose interest.  I don’t think this is a problem limited to models.

Two on one date with Rachel and Blakelely – two of the longest legged women of all time.  I loved the initial 3 person group hug that was done when they greeted Ben.  So awkward. I felt bad for Rachel watching Blakelely stick her legs all over Ben and because of Blakeley’s hyper / overdone enthusiasm for the date.  Yes, Rachel was kind of playing the Courtney coy card upon receiving the rose, but can you blame her?  Blakelely had been taunting her all week.  I’m kind of disappointed we didn’t get to see Ben come back to Rachel and make out.  The scrapbook was the kiss of death.  Those things never work.

 Nicki admits that she is falling in love with Ben.  I feel bad for her because I’m not sure of Ben’s feelings for her and she’s too naïve to suspect what Courtney and Ben have been doing behind everyone’s back.

The most shocking WTF (What the Fudge??!!) Moments:
Did Courtney REALLY think that Ben was going to go skinny dipping with her after knocking on the door of Room 1611?  Truthfully, she has every reason to think this as he so willingly went along with her plan last time.  But that was because she approached him in her drawers.  It’s another thing to ask The Bachelor deity to take the initiative.  Doesn’t she know the rules?  It’s his job to be fallen in love with, not to prove his love to anyone.  It’s kind of too bad this didn’t actually happen, if only to have the ladies catch them in the act and all leave.  Now that I’m thinking more about it, it’s very probably that the producers locked Ben in his room to avoid a mutiny.

Ben in a loin cloth – hot or not? I’m going to go with “weird.” This guy loves getting naked

Courtney going in for a swim in her white bikini while Ben and Jamie are having alone time.  Ben can barely keep his eyes on Jamie (though in his blog, he states that this bothered him – yeah right).  At this point, The Husband declared that Courtney must be a hired actress. Either that, or the producers are telling her to go seduce Ben whenever he’s off with any of the other ladies

I have no idea what Emily was talking about when she said that there was another man in her life and then reveals it’s “The Chief.”  Is she talking about the chief of the village they just went to?

Can we talk about the “Casey Scandal” for a minute?  They made it seem like this was a huge deal and we should all be shaking in disbelief that Casey could possibly come on the show with unresolved feelings for someone else.  Am I the only person who was not blown away with her little secret?  Are any of these girls really a clean slate?  Ben proposed to another woman less than a year before he became the next Bachelor.  Are we to believe he’s completely over that?  I felt bad for Casey, not only because of her ugly crying and unbearable sobbing sounds, but because I thought she deserved a crack at Ben.  It’s not like she was a front runner at this point (another reason why I don’t think her being confronted and leaving is controversial), but I would have liked to see her relationship with Ben play out a bit longer.  Casey is a stunner looks-wise and seemed to have a good head on her shoulders (until she admitted to Chris H that she should probably be in therapy).  I think Casey had just as much a right to be there and give it the old college try.  If she really was in love with a commitment-phobe and knew it was not what she wanted, why shouldn’t she go on The Bachelor and try to meet someone who is looking to get married?

Chris H says he butted in here based on his regret over not saying something during the Bentley/Ashley situation.  The difference here, though, is that Casey’s intentions were not evil.  She wasn’t sitting around mocking Ben to the camera all day, then sticking her tongue down his throat when she saw him.  If he really wanted to be helpful, shouldn’t he show Ben the Courtney one-liners about the other girls and the “Winning!” comments she makes?   How did Chris H become the show’s dedicated therapist?  He cross examined poor Casey until she had to admit that she was still in love with non-committal guy.  I didn’t like Ben’s reaction to Casey’s news either.  It was cold, callous and lacked any compassion or understanding.  One of my reader here mentioned Melissa Rycroft’s actions in coming on The Bachelor during Jason Mesnick’s season – and she has an excellent point.  Melissa got out of a non-committal relationship and not only went on The Bachelor, she won the whole thing.  That was, until the “After the Final Rose” reunion show where Jason dumped her and hit on the runner up, Molly (now his wife).  Melissa was devastated, but not too devastated, because she ended up back with Ty, the non-committal guy and she’s now married to him with a baby.  Shouldn’t Melissa have been thrown out of the race under the Casey S theory of ejection?

I absolutely loved Emily’s rap at the end of the show.  She’s brilliant and funny – and has that quirky “something something” that a model-less Ben should appreciate.  If she can get past the Courtney issues, I think she stands a very good chance of making it to the finale.

Most Cringe-Worthy Moment of the Season:

Poor Jamie.  I was squirming on the couch watching her strategize and implement her seduction of Ben routine.  It was awful.  Not because she’s not a lovely girl, but because it just so wasn’t her.  In her defense, she had to try something bold.  She’s smart enough to realize that she was behind the pack in terms of her relationship’s progression with Ben.  She’s also smart enough to see other girls throwing their assets (aka Courtney) into Ben’s face.  Poor thing was probably mortified watching it all back, particularly since she’s a self proclaimed prude.  I hope she can be consoled by the fact that she no longer has to worry about suffering the embarrassment of being engaged to a guy that skinny dipped with another woman while “dating” her.  She is actually lucky.  I’m sure there are plenty of other guys out there that would adore Jamie just the way she is.   At one point, during the completely awkward kissing lesson, Ben says, “You’re not the first girl I’ve kissed.”  EWWWWWWW.  She should have gotten up and left right then and there!

Best Courtney Lines:
“These beads are cold…”
“I’ve got moves they have never seen” (followed by shaking her revealed boobs…)
When Ben comes to take Courtney for some private time on the group date, “I’m being stolen…take me away…”
“A lot of these girls are slow moving.  They are not very sexual… They’re making it easy on me.”
Courtney: I feel like I might be going home
Rachel: Really?
Courtney: Just kidding.  How’s my hair?  Can you be my mirror?
I am semi-shocked that after this week, we are down to 6 women (8 if you count Courtney’s boobs).  Seems like just yesterday, Grandmas and horses were showing up to meet Ben.  Now we’re off to Belize for more helicopters, humidity and hurried attempts by Court to get naked with Ben.  I can hardly wait.  Particularly for Kacie and Nicki’s Courtney intervention with Ben.  Will he listen to their advice?  Will Courtney get a rose?  My prediction: Ben will pull Court aside at the Belize rose ceremony, she’ll convince him she’s trustworthy (and bust-worthy) and we will be off to Santa Monica to meet her family. 

Til next week, Bachelor fans.  Can’t wait to hear your thoughts on this week’s show.  Out of the girls left, who is a good match for Ben?  I’m torn between the girls that I like and whether Ben is worthy of them.  What do you think?

By Stacey B