The 'Bachelor Pad' Heals All Wounds: Week 3 (review)


If there are two questions that we will never have about this week’s Bachelor Pad, it’s the following:

(1) Does Gia have a boyfriend? 

(2) Would Natalie make out with every guy in the house for 20 bucks? 

The answer to these questions must have been considered vital, because they were repeated 5-6 times in the previews and before each commercial break.  Gia doesn’t act like she has a boyfriend and we already know Natalie will do anything for attention, so this wasn’t really news. 

This week’s show was slightly more interesting than the previous week for the following reasons:

The kissing contest was absolutely vile.  Watching all the spit swapping actually made me a little nauseous, but maybe it was the hummus I was eating. 
Peyton, who honestly never stood out before, is a likeable, down to earth, Southern delight. 

I loved that she was so into the race car driving date.  If I had given up my life to be on Bachelor Pad and my date consisted of race car driving versus a private jet to Vegas, I would have been pissed.  She was thrilled! Even more interesting is that this past weekend, Chris Lambton and Chris Harrison tweeted that they were meeting up with Jesse and Peyton in North Carolina for a golf charity event. 

Earlier in the week, I thought it was kind of random that both Peyton would meet up with this gang, but after last night’s episode, it’s pretty evident that there is still something going with between Peyton and Jesse.  Good for them! It’s nice to know that after dumping Natalie in the Bachelor Pad, it only takes a couple of days to find new love.

Dave’s date in Vegas looked fun.  Natalie’s antics of trying to win the “most super enthusiastic, ready to get down and naked at the drop of a hat” award worked. I seriously think she was trying to redeem herself from the awful Bachelor date she had on Jason’s season.  Remember? Jason took Natalie on a one on one date to Vegas and asked her what kinds of things she likes.  Her response: “I like bears.”  Jason refused to give her a rose, and she went home that night.  After such an embarrassing exit like that, she would be willing to do anything to erase that memory.  Saying that having Nikki on the date was like having your grandmother around, was the best line of the episode.  So now Natalie is in a secret relationship with Dave and once again, we see how the Bachelor Pad is the equivalent to heartache as The Fountain of Youth is to aging.  Wasn’t it just last episode that she was in tears over getting dumped by Jesse?  Wow, talk about Fantasy Suites healing all wounds.  That was a quick recovery.  It was also a relief to see that Dave did not hold a shred of remorse over Jessie’s departure last week.  As Jessie’s limo pulled away, she said she may have found love.  Clearly Dave was not on the same page.

I kind of liked the crash and burn of Tenley sneaking into Kiptyn’s bed and wanting to snuggle with him, only to get rejected.  It was like he kicked a cat.  But come on, Tenley, if the group is up all night drinking and strategizing and there’s no sleep, waking a guy from a deep sleep is not going to get you what you want.  I thought it was for sure over between them.  But Kiptyn’s little speech to Peyton about being open to other relationships and downplaying any sort of relationship with Tenley was pure genius.  I totally believed him.  If I didn’t hear his little side camera shot that this was all part of his strategy, I never would have guessed there was anything still brewing between the two of them.

Melissa Rycroft has gotta go.  What on earth was she wearing at the rose ceremony??  She serves absolutely no purpose except to be a Bachelor Barbie doll.  Chris Harrison could more than effectively host this mindless show.

Krisily’s bump-it deserves its own strategy.  Why she chooses this as her look of choice is baffling.  Speaking of baffling, did anybody else notice the amount of earrings in individual clear pockets that were hanging next to Gia’s bed?  There were easily over 100 pairs.  Absurd.

As for the Wes and Gia connection, I just can’t understand it.  Is there something romantic about a guy who takes a song he wrote for someone else and uses it to woo another?  Does she not know that he sang this song for Jillian?  If she knew, would she care?  And even if she didn’t know, do the words of the song really have the power to make her cry?  I am hoping it was just the alcohol that made her blurt out the things she did about Wes.  The fact that she cried when they announced the kissing contest was pathetic.  I can understand being opposed to it, but why the tears?  And if you’re going to compete, compete!  Did she think her little peck kisses were going to get the job done?  Nope.  Then she drops out mid way through which is equally absurd.  And yet a few hours later, she’s snuggling with Wes.  I don’t get her.  I also thought she was totally ridiculous about Nikki’s last minute change in decision regarding Kiptyn.  How dare she lecture Nikki when Gia herself went back on her word regarding giving Craig M the rose?!

Another observation: how come the individuals who win the contests each week end up getting voted off the following week?  Example: Jesse and Craig M had immunity the first week. Both were voted off last week.  Last week, Gia and Weatherman won immunity. This week: they are voted off.   It seems like winning the contests is a curse. 

Still not a fan of Kovacs.  I think he’s way too arrogant and full of himself. He deserves Elizabeth nanny. It’s fun to watch her confuse him.
We haven’t seen much from Gwen and Ashley.  Maybe the key is staying under the radar.
So that’s all I really care to say about this week’s show.  The Husband, by the way, has completely quit watching.  He’d rather watch pre season football than Bachelor Pad – imagine that?   I had to run into the bedroom in between commercials to tell him what was going on.  He almost doesn’t care – that’s how downhill this show is getting!  This week was definitely better than last week’s show, and I hope it continues to get more interesting.  Less strategy, more strange combinations of people hooking up!  Til next week…

By Stacey B