The Bachelor Premiere Recap: Sean Lowe’s More Than Toned, Tan Muscles


This past week’s premiere of The Bachelor reminded me of why I originally fell in love with the show.  I was having a terrible day at work.  The entire way home, I was re-running certain things that happened that day over and over in my head along with the various things I could have said in response to a situation, but never did say. If I had a dollar for all the clever comebacks I come up with after a situation presents itself – I could retire for sure. By the time I walked in the front door of my apartment, I was all worked up, stressed out and exhausted.  There were a thousand things to do before I could happily sit down with my gorgeous husband, my gorgeous dog on our dirty couch to escape into fantasy land.  But once that moment came, it was exactly what I needed.  Two hours of complete insertion into a place where fairytales come true, people fall in love within seconds and everything comes up roses.

I have to admit – I was not initially on board when I heard that Sean Lowe was announced as The Bachelor. I was Team Race Car Driver Arie.  It took me a while to be happy for Emily Maynard when she chose Jef Holm last season, but eventually I resolved that perhaps they were a better match.  At least we could have Arie to look forward to as our Bachelor.  But it was not meant to be, and Sean, the guy known more for his abdominals than anything spark worthy, exciting or dreamy was selected.  I’m not usually into blonde men either.

Against the blonde, blah memories of Sean, emerged a surprisingly kind, mature, polite, humble, sincere and loving family man.  If you have any doubt, just rewind the scene of him trying to deal with a drunk Lindsay who emerged from the limo wearing a full on wedding gown with veil.  She tried to kiss him.  She tries luring him into a wedding dance.  She has clearly consumed one too many beverages.  Sean could have made out with her and dumped her at the rose ceremony.  Instead, when Lindsay tries to defend her boldness by declaring that “she has balls,” Sean quickly responds, “I really hope not.”

Bam. Sean is FUNNY too.

At first the scene where Arie shows up at Sean’s Bachelor pad ready to give him advice on the ladies and commiserate on getting dumped by Emily irked me the wrong way. I think it was because a) it reminded us that Arie was not our Bachelor and b) it served absolutely no purpose and seemed very forced. But then my father called and said how much he enjoyed that scene.  He loved watching them talk about absolutely nothing.  I watched it a second time and it actually made a lot of sense. There they were – two guys who both really thought that Emily was in love with them – only to get their hearts broken for millions to see.  Arie’s kissing advice was great. I liked how Sean practiced breaking up with the girls on Arie, particularly when he said, “I can’t say – ‘It’s not you, it’s me,’ because it is always THEM.”

Another funny line from Sean.

In retrospect, that Arie interaction let us see Sean’s sense of humor and ability to make fun of himself.  He’s not all muscles and v-neck solid colored t-shirts that show off his physique.  He’s vulnerable and he’s a man’s man.  Too bad Sean didn’t grill Arie on what the hell he was thinking in dating Courtney Robertson 30 seconds after she announced her break-up with Ben Flajnik.  That truly would have been an awesome conversation.  I also enjoyed seeing Sean snuggle with his adorable niece and nephew, particularly when he was hanging out in his niece’s playhouse.  How can you not love a man who is great with little kids?  Yes, we spent the first 10 minutes with close up nipple shots of Sean.  Tanned abdominals.  Workouts galore.  We get it.  He’s buff and toned and ready to go. It was getting a bit comical by the end of how much chest and ab footage (If you haven’t already, you should check out Sean’s abdominals’ Twitter feed which I’ve been chatting with  Perhaps the highlight of the “Sean is Buff” segment came when he was talking about how he basically wants to fall in love and be depended upon by someone. “I want to be that rock.”  At that moment, we see Sean ascending a rocky mountain.  So cheesy, but it made me laugh.


So we’ve got our #1 most important ingredient for a successful Bachelor season – A loveable, sympathetic and honorable Bachelor.  Check.

In my Initial Thoughts post, I summed up my favorites and who will go bonkers this season.  High on my list of favorites – Lesley from Washington, DC.  FYI, a good friend of mine knows Lesley’s boss and tells us  Lesley is actually an Admin who works for a Political Consultant.  She’s probably one of the smartest of the bunch along with the back flipping Robyn.  Damn that slippery driveway!  Tierra really did seem like a sweet angel sent from above until we see the coming attractions.  Who knew she had fangs and hissed like a dragon?  Were we all deceived? I might have fallen in love with her straight out of the limo too, so I can’t blame Sean.  I’m still in awe of one armed Sarah.  Did anyone notice she was wearing a silver cross on one finger?  Tierra was also wearing a cross.  Side note: Tierra instantly reminded me of Melissa Rycroft looks wise.

Let’s discuss this 50 Shades of Drunk girl, Ashley the hair stylist from Michigan.  I did kind of enjoy her impromptu drunk dance and her devotion to the 50 Shades book series.  That said, she’s got to be totally regretting her craziness right? Or will that land her on Bachelor Pad 4?  She can tie up Michael Stagliano who vows he’s done with reality television but whom I’m sure will be back in time to promote his next music album.  You know it’s a bad first impression when The Bachelor says he “brought a rape whistle.”  I don’t think it helped that she had already told her mother that she was marrying Sean.

Who was the girl that came out of the limo and sang? Was that Kelly the Cruise Ship Entertainer?  How awkward to have to stand there like Sean did and just listen politely.  That’s when I knew he was a nice guy.  I would have loved for him to just put a hand over her mouth or start kissing her just to make it stop.

I loved Sean’s style of handing out roses as soon as he felt a connection with someone but let’s be honest – there is NO way such a nice, humble guy would come up with such an idea on his own.  That was 100% producer induced.  If it was up to Sean, he would have given everyone roses.

Let’s hear it for the minorities and for Sean choosing most of them.  I think 4 out of 5 got a rose – which is the highest number we’ve seen- EVER.  The question will be whether they make it past the third round.  The THIRD round is critical because it’s when we start seeing the “type” of girl Sean is really interested in.

As for Kacie B’s return – I was very glad to see her.  We learn from Sean’s blog this week that they had previously met at a charity function a few months earlier.  They were friends, but he didn’t see her “romantically.”  Ugh – that doesn’t bode well for her.  Given her background, she could make a very good match for Sean and I adored her on Ben’s season.  I hope her experience gives her a leg up.  Speaking of legs – did you see how toned and skinny Kacie’s were? I think we actually saw Sean blush when she got out of the limo.  They should keep a heart monitor on Sean throughout the show and run it as a footer at the bottom of the screen so we can see how he reacts to certain girls coming out of the limo.  I bet if the Ford Model came out and approached Sean, the heart monitor would go off the charts, but mostly out of fear.

So week one is in the books and I’m “in.”  The girls are great, Sean is great and The Husband is still willing to watch with me.  Wally, on the other hand, fell asleep within 30 seconds of Sean’s first abdominal shot.  He didn’t even wake up when the women came out in their beautiful prom dresses – a sure sign his testicles are gone.  Were you happy with the premiere? Disappointed? Who are your early favorites?  Most of all, I’m so excited to chat with all of you throughout the season – I’ve missed you, Bachelor friends.  I’m looking forward to many hours of Bachelor recapping and critical analysis.  One last note – PLEASE NO SPOILERS.  You can guess, you can predict – but if you know or have seen anything in tabloids or on other blogs – WE DON”T WANT TO KNOW.

OH AND SOME FUN FACTS ON LAST NIGHT’S RATINGS: The Bachelor was Monday night’s #1 TV series in the 18-34 age division and was #1 with all women.  It drew 8% more viewers in the 2-hour time period than NBC’s The Biggest Loser (which was also premiering).  It also delivered ABC’s highest ratings in the time period in 5 months in Adults 18-34.

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