‘The Bachelorette’ Ali is “Very Happy,” but Not Ready For Kids (review)


With just a couple days until we get to watch Ali Fedotowsky’s journey on The Bachelorette unfold on ABC (Monday, May 24th, 9-11 PM EST/PST), I find myself in a very tough position.  Deadlines and meetings are creeping up all over me at work, the weather is turning nicer and summer is amost upon us.  I have to wonder – will this season of The Bachelorette have enough interest to lull me out of my competing obligations?  If there is a choice between happy hour, dinner with friends on a balmy summer evening, a run in Central Park or a movie with The Husband, will I be able to commit Monday after Monday to Ali’s adventures?  Especially when the outdoor seating in the restaurants of various New York City neighborhoods are calling my name?  The jury is out for now.

This week, I had the opportunity to get access to a teleconference transcript that Ali F participated in this past Wednesday and learned some interesting things about her.  In the future, I hope to join these teleconferences and ask Ali questions directly.   There are some things that I’d really like to know – like does she get to keep the clothes, jewelry and shoes that she wears on the show and if so, is she taxed for that (isn’t it considered income?)?  What kind of personal training or physical exercise/dieting did she do to get in shape for her time on The Bachelorette?  Does she miss carbs? 

And really what I’d like to know – (and what we’ll never really get a clear answer to) – isn’t the goal of every woman coming on to The Bachelor to become the next Bachelorette?  Did this thought ever enter Ali’s mind?  I mean, yes, they should all be there trying to win the love of The Bachelor.  But knowing that there will only be one “winner,” wouldn’t the A+ backup plan be to figure out how to get the next best thing – having your own show on national TV where a group of people dress you up, send you out on fantasy dates and introduce you to 25 men who you get to flirt, make out with, go on trips with and possibly fall in love with?  Doesn’t sound too bad to me.  Ali said that after she left Jake’s season, she had to go back to work the following Monday (Ali’s employer at Facebook told her that either she comes back to her job or she loses it while she was one of the 4 finalists on The Bachelor’s season with Jake Pavelka).  The show approached her to be the next Bachelorette after she was already off the show as it aired, so it was not during her time on the show.

As for Ali’s teleconference – I give her an A+ in keeping it vague. She wouldn’t give anything away about the rumors about her season except to say, “rumors are rumors and whether there’s truth to them not, I cannot say.” 
Some of the more interesting things I learned about Ali:  She went out to San Fran and left the New England area because she was following a boyfriend out there.  She was in a long distance relationship with a guy who had a Ph.D at Stanford.  Not bad, Ali!  She likes the smart dudes.  They did long distance for two years, and then she moved out there to give it a shot after college.  That relationship didn’t work out, but she fell in love with the Bay area and has been there ever since.

It also seems, she doesn’t really have plans to go back to Facebook at this point.  Could this be because she’s moving somewhere? Or because she’s got to do the Bachelorette media circuit and ride the wave over the next 6 months?  Perhaps.  As for whether she’s found love, she said this, “You know, I’m happy right now, and I’m really confident with…the decisions that I made all along the way and whether it was the third or fifth rose ceremony…or the last one…I don’t have any regrets, and I’m super confident with each decision along the way, and I’m really happy right now.”  Ugh. This still doesn’t tell me much. 

Ali noted she had spoken to Jillian Harris, the last Bachelorette, whose advice to Ali was to have a lot of travel hairspray while on the road.  That sounds like Jillian.  Very practical advice. 

Ali was asked about her behavior toward Vienna last season. Background: Ali was a clear front runner to win Jake’s heart and loved by most fans after her first date with Jake last season, however, she had a clear distaste for Vienna, which she wasn’t afraid to hide.  Many have criticized Ali for her harsh words and behavior toward Vienna, who eventually went on to “win” Jake’s heart and get the final rose.   Her response was this: “I cannot apologize enough for my behavior then.  I lost my cool, and I am glad that I was able to see that on the show because I wonder a lot about myself and how I should treat others…”

Ali also cleared up some misinformation that came out recently in the press.  There was an article suggesting that she wants children right away.  Ali stated, “So am I ready to have kids? Absolutely not.  I still have a career that I want to build and things that I need to accomplish before I’m ready to start a family.”

And if any of the Canadian guys on Ali’s upcoming season caught your eye, this information is for you.  Ali has never been to Canada before, though her father was born there.  When asked about whether Ali would consider moving to another country if the guy she chose was Canadian, Ali responded, “I have not actually been to Canada and I’d love to.”  I wonder if this is present tense, or whether she meant to say that she HAD never been to Canada, because if she chose a Canadian, wouldn’t she have gone there for a hometown visit?   Which leads me to believe that the Canucks are out.

Some other interesting tidbits of info: Ali applied for the show after seeing the Jason Mesnick season.  This was the first season she ever saw and he inspired her to apply because according to Ali, “I thought he was such a great guy and I remember thinking to myself, ‘Oh, if I could only find a man like that.’”  Of course, there’s no mention as to what Ali thought after seeing what transpired between him and Melissa and Molly.  Background: Jason the Bachelor chose bachelorette. Melissa Rycroft at the end of his season, got engaged, then realized he had a mistake, dumped Melissa on the reunion show, got back together with Molly and married her on national TV in early March of this year.  I’m not sure Ali wants a guy EXACTLY like Jason.

Probably the most telling of Ali’s remarks was about her confidence in finding “the one.”  Ali’s responds, “I was absolutely confident from night one that my husband was going to be in that room and I’d like to think I kept that confidence.”

Sounds like she found herself someone, if you ask me.  Based on how she so easily got swept up in her attraction for Jake last season, I’d be shocked if she didn’t fall in love hard and fast with someone, and be ready for a marriage proposal. 

All in all, I’m keeping my fingers crossed for an exciting season (and summer).  Ali will be doing some crazy traveling all over the world, which should be a nice change from past
seasons.  And we’re always promised at least some drama. 
What are your questions for Ali?  Is there anything you would like to know?  I may have the chance to interview her in the future, so tell me what you’re curious about and I’ll see what I can do.  Enjoy your last Bachelorette-free weekend for a while!
Stacey B

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