'The Bachelorette' Chris could be the next 'Bachelor' (interview)


Chris Still Thinking About Being Next Bachelor, Ali and Roberto are In Love! So let’s take a look see:

Earlier this week, I had the awesome experience of speaking to the people that I have been watching and blogging about all season.  On a telephone interview of reporters, Ali Fedotowsky and Roberto Martinez answered questions for close to 45 minutes.  They were followed by a separate telephone interview with Chris Lambert.  Generally speaking, Ali and Roberto seemed completely in love and happy with each other.  They are definitely in the honeymoon phase. 

The crazy part is that Ali sounded exactly like she sounds on TV – happy, giggly, friendly and using expressions like, “We had this great connection from the beginning…”  It was strange because I felt like I was listening to a radio program of the show, except that when I actually spoke to Ali and Roberto, they responded to me.  How odd! 

Even more exciting was speaking to the greatest bachelor of all time – Chris L.  He seemed sad to me still and admitted that the finale was difficult to watch.  It sounds like Chris has definitely been offered the opportunity to be the next Bachelor (though not officially confirmed by ABC), but shockingly – he has not accepted yet.  Could this guy actually be wary of revealing his personal life even more?  Good for him on actually giving it some thought!  I will list for you the questions I asked these three people and their responses, then quote for you some of the more interesting points from the interview:

For Ali and Roberto (my questions):

Operator:    Your next question comes from Stacey B from tvbr.com.

Stacey B:    Hi, Roberto and Ali.

Ali Fedotowsky:    Hello.

Roberto Martinez:    Howdy

Stacey B:    You guys made me cry last night.  It was just so amazing. [They laughed] My question is what is something that each of you learned about each other that you didn’t know already just from the show?  Something that you’ve learned since the finale.

Roberto Martinez:    I think for me, not that I didn’t know it but Ali’s so supportive and so – I mean, watching the show and everything, it has it’s great moments but it also has kind of difficult moments for me, just having to watch her relationships with all the other guys.  So, it’s just kind of solidifying that she’s just a great person.  She’s supportive and she’s more than I could ever hope for.

Ali Fedotowsky:    And I guess, I’m dwelling on the sort of same lines is, you know, one thing that, you know – I’m sorry, choking right now.

Roberto Martinez:    Are you OK?

Ali Fedotowsky:    So sorry.  I was eating oatmeal because we didn’t have breakfast, you know, I got it caught in my pipe, it was the wrong one.  Sorry. [Poor girl – she really started choking here!  I was about to ask her if she had dry throat!]

But I think it’s that kind, genuine, sort of romantic in Roberto, there’s always sort of that little bit of wonder.  I wanted to see if he’d dance with me in the street,  and what I’ve just been so grateful to learn about him is that he is like that at home.  You know, when we have these little secret, hideaway spots together, he would dance with me in the kitchen and he does tell me, he said in his proposal I want you to know, every morning knowing you’re so, so loved.  He does.  He tells me that.  It’s unbelievable, the man he is and I think just knowing that transferred over into our lives outside of The Bachelorette, it’s such a great thing and – I appreciate him so much.

Stacey B:    Thank you.  I love you, guys.  Congratulations.

Ali Fedotowsky:    Thank you so much.

Roberto Martinez:    I’m a lucky man.

Stacey B:    Yes. [They laughed at this]

Ok, and here is my talk with Chris L:

Operator:    Your next question comes from Stacey B from tvbr.com.

Stacey B:    Chris, hi.  How are you?

Chris Lambton:    I’m very well, thank you.  Yourself?

Stacey B:    I’m good.  I just want you to know, just speaking on behalf of all women who have watched the show which is probably in the millions, you are so loved and hearing you talk about being sad about the results of the show, I think makes us sad because, you’re every woman’s son, friend, brother, you’re like the dream guy.  You’re a new American hero and I just want you to know that if you decide to be the next Bachelor, I think you’ll have a cult following.  I think it’d be the best Bachelor they ever had and it makes me sad to hear you sad because I just think you’re one of the greatest guys.  I’m married, my husband was scared watching me watch you on the show. [He is cracking up during this part.  The other reporters had asked such serious questions with him responding in a very straight forward way, so I thought it was important to state the obvious – this guy is a dreamboat and everybody loves him!!]

I mean, I got like thousands of E-mails, text messages, I have my own blog and people were just writing in: all ages – single, married, grandparents – and it sounds like you’re not even cognizant of how much you’re adored. I just wanted to ask you, are you aware of how popular you are, how loved you are?

Chris Lambton:    You know, I get a lot of letters in the mail and people will stop by and like, yesterday, someone put a rose in my front porch with a note that said if Ali doesn’t give you her rose, will you accept mine?

It’s like things like that but it’s still – I can’t fathom it.  I can’t wrap my head around it because, you know, it’s amazing.  It really is.  Yesterday, I went down to the beach after work at like 4 o’clock and next with my brother and my dad and the next thing I know, there were literally 50 people around me taking pictures and, you know, they want to give me a hug and (want to know if I) will take a picture with their little kid.

You know, it’s really hard to grasp.  It’s amazing but, I love that its love coming towards me, you know?

Stacey B:    Yes.

Chris Lambton:    It’s surreal.  I can’t even describe it to tell you the truth.

Stacey B:    All right.  Well, when you wake up in a couple of weeks and,  you reconsider (being the next Bachelor), I just want you to know that we really enjoyed, getting to know you as far as you can get to know somebody by watching them on television and wish you all the best.  Have no doubt that it not working out with Ali is ultimately a great thing because now you can go out and find your dream girl.

Chris Lambton:    I can’t wait to find that dream girl.

Stacey B:    You will. Good luck.

Chris Lambton:    Thank you very much.

Later on, I asked him another question…

Operator:    Your next question comes from Stacey B from tvbr.com.

Stacey B:    Hi, Chris.  It’s your number one fan again.  Sorry.

Chris Lambton:    How are you?

Stacey B:    I’m all right.  So, for all those women out there who are hanging on your every word, what is it that you’re looking for in your perfect mate?  What are the qualities you’re going to seek out in your next relationship?

Chris Lambton:    See, the funny thing is I don’t think I look for a certain qualities or that.  I just think it’s based on like chemistry.  When you meet a girl, it should just be like an instantaneous click. You see her and you’re like, “Yes, I’m going to spend the rest of my life with this girl.”  You know, I would do anything to be with her, I would love her till the day she dies.  So, I think it’s just the chemistry.  It’s just something that just will, punch you in the side of the head and I’ll just think, “Yes, this is the one.”

Stacey B:    And I hope that you’re hopeful it’s still out there.  Are you?

Chris Lambton:    Definitely.  Definitely.  You know, this show did not make me a skeptic of love.  It just made me realize that I need to keep looking and love is out there for me.  I just need to find it.

Stacey B:    Yes, it is.  Thanks, Chris.

Chris Lambton:    My pleasure.

Such a gentleman, that Chris!! Ok, and some other interesting tidbits from the interview:
Ali’s dress on the finale was by Alberto Makali and Roberto had on a Hugo Boss suit.  Ali’s ring was worth $50,000, was diamonds and platinum by Neil Lane.  It’s 3.03 karat and has an asscher cut center diamond with 184 brilliant cut diamonds in a handmade setting.

Ali knew it was Roberto for sure during their last date in Bora Bora.  She had so much fun on the jet skis, on their picnic and kissing in the rain that she knew she couldn’t focus on Chris anymore.

Roberto told his parents as soon as he got home – he couldn’t keep the secret.  Ali waited a bit to tell hers because she thought they wouldn’t be able to keep the secret.
Roberto has no interest in returning to baseball.  He’s focused on starting his insurance agency in San Diego.  It sounds like Ali has some people advising her on her next move. One of the reasons they chose San Diego is because it’s far enough away from the LA scene that they won’t have the paparazzi following them around, but it’s close enough that she can take a Hollywood type job to stay busy as Roberto will be busy starting up his business. She definitely will not be returning to Facebook.

Ali and Roberto intend to make their relationship the priority.  They are really in love and they are happy.   

Ali, Roberto and Chris (separately) all noted that Ty, Kirk and Craig R would make great Bachelors (Ali noted that this was if Chris decides not to do it) 
They are open to doing their wedding on TV, figure it could save them money since Roberto has hundreds of family members to invite.  Ali says she definitely intends to have part of the wedding be yellow – either yellow bridesmaid dresses or have her dress have a yellow sash or something. They are planning on having the wedding next spring or summer, depending on how busy they get.

As for Chris, here’s some of the highlights from his interview:

On being the next Bachelor, Chris said,  “Honestly, it’s something that I’ll have to think long and hard about because it was hard watching so much of my personal life and intimate details of dating and love on TV.  And, it’s hard to share that kind of thing with many millions of people who watch the show.  So, it’s definitely something that I’ll have to really think about.  I’m not really sure if I want to share all that again.”

Chris knew Ali wasn’t choosing him when she walked up the stairs to his hut that day to break up.  They had a great connection up until then.

Chris had never seen the show before! (which explains his awesome reaction the overnight fantasy suite invite to Ali and him from Chris Harrison) 

Chris’s dad has gotten as many letters and emails asking him out as Chris!
Chris will stay in Cape Cod for the time being (ladies are packing up to go there in masses as we speak!), live with his dad. His brother lives down the street they are just going to prepare for his brother’s wedding which is in October.
Chris has talked to Roberto every week since the show ended, and he hopes to be lifelong friends with both of them in the future.

Have to say that Chris was a total sweetheart.  He was so polite, so respectful towards Ali and Roberto – even said he thinks they’ll last.  Everything that was seen on TV was the real Chris – just a genuine, funny, thoughtful person.

So that’s the latest.  If you want Chris to be your next Bachelor – please post here and let him know!!

Stacey B –
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