'The Bachelorette' Confessions of a Bentley Addict (review)


Ashley the Bachelorette Takes Hong Kong. If there’s one name that I will never need to hear again for the rest of my life, it has to be Bentley. With only 3 minutes of camera time this week, the entire show and really, the entire season, has been about him. It is still really difficult for me to understand what Ashley found so unbelievably appealing about this guy to the point that when Chris H reveals he’s in their Hong Kong hotel, it almost puts Ashley to tears.  Speaking of tears, Ashley cried, got teary eyed or was about to cry in literally almost every single scene.  It was infuriating.  That said, I think the entire universe was ready to put this Bentley issue to bed. The Husband and I were praying that something completely unexpected would happen around the confrontation  – like she gets to his suite and there’s another girl in his room. Or she gets there and they end up sleeping together. Or she bumps into one of the other bachelors in the hallway on the way to his room. Or that she knocks on his door and he’s got 10 of his best guy friends from home drinking beers and partying with a bunch of local Chinese bachelorettes. Just something other than what we did in fact see – more of Bentley being Bentley, and Ashley being Ashley.

This guy waltzes in to Hong Kong after his departure several episodes back, gets an immediate kiss by Ashley on the lips, rubs her leg a little and stares into her eyes. So there we are in Room #4315. If I’m Bentley, and I’m listening to Ashley confess that she still has a “gut feeling” about him and that she “still can’t let it go…” he’s got to be thinking what a complete number he’s done on her. Some of Bentley’s better Master Manipulator lines to Ash:

Bent: “Thought I’d fly around the world to see you…”
What It Means: ABC begged me to come out and make this season remotely more interesting. They paid for my flight, hotel and even room service.

Bent: “If it doesn’t work out with these other guys, I told you to come to Salt Lake”
What It Means: I’d still hook up with you.

Bent: “I couldn’t believe that I went home and missed this, missed you, missed being here. That was real, and was shocking to me.”
What It Means: I can’t believe I gave up a chance to go to Thailand

Bent: “I think you know where I’m at. I think you know where I’m coming from. I think you’re here for a reason… it doesn’t look good for me and you…I would implore you to see what you have here.”
What It Means: He’s just not that into her.

Bent: Maybe we should call (the dot dot dot) a period.
Ashley: You came all the way here. You could have called.
What It Means: He wanted a free trip to Hong Kong and definitely got compensated to come back on the show and face her. There were major cash incentives thrown in for a face to face meeting versus a phone call.

Now here’s what I don’t get. Bentley has now told Ashley in no uncertain or vague terms that she should move on. Yet she’s still sitting there, giving him puppy dog eyes, trying to understand where he’s coming from. She’s looking for any reason to keep him. To forgive him. All he’d have to say is that he’s remotely interested in Ashley, that he realized while being away how much he cared for her and he’d be back in the line-up in no time. I find it very hard to swallow that Ashley suddenly, and on her own, came to the epiphany that Bentley is a player. I just don’t see from her actions/feelings how she was able to snap out of it. She was so far down the rabbit hole in terms of falling for this douche, it just doesn’t make sense that from one conversation, she was able to see his true colors. Why didn’t she see this in any of their other conversations? I feel like there was some editing or side shot that we were not privy to as viewers. It’s too bad, because it almost would have been more interesting if Ashley knew, going into her talk with Bentley, all the stuff he’d been saying about her on the side. Then at least we could get excited about whatever she was going to do. I’d even stomach an entire revenge episode just to have something remotely entertaining to watch this season.

Best line of the season to date goes to Ashley: “Bentley, if you’re watching this. F You. I’m done with you.” Said like the classy dentist she hopes to be. My sister, who is actually a dentist, said that Ashley is going to have a horrible time establishing herself as any sort of professional after this season. I’m sure she’ll be fine. My other Scottish work friend who I have recruited as a watcher of this show was completely shocked by all of the “snogging” or making out that Ashley was doing this week. It’s true – this week Ashley hit her all time high of guys she made out with in one episode. But I explained that in the previous episodes it had been pretty tame. Ashley even went on several one on one dates with guys that she never ended up kissing. BORING. I was glad to see a little kissing bandit happening, although it kind of grossed me out.

After the Bentley confrontation was done, we got to see a whole new Ashley. A confident, genuinely happy Ashley. Anyone who Ashley went on the next date with would have done well. Lucky for Lucas, he had impeccable timing. Lucas seems like a fish out of water on this show – which is kind of why I like him. He seems to be a complete opposite with Ashley’s personality and life style. He’s never been to New York City – yet there he is, roaming the streets of Hong Kong with Ashley. I liked this date (and JPs), because we go to see the beautiful skyline and check out the city a bit. Ashley is literally glowing. Her orchid eye shadow matched her Pashmina. Lucas makes Ashley feel like a woman. That kind of grosses me out, but good for them. I found their chemistry somewhat awkward, but he seemed really into her, which is what Ashley needs most from a guy. When he asked if he could kiss her (after they had already kissed), I got squeamish. I hate when the guys ask permission.  So unnecessary.  Lucas seems like a nice enough guy, but I don’t see these two going much further together, particularly given his reaction to Ashley’s Bentley confession.

The dragon boat racing date I found to be one of the most creative and fun dates of the season. I thought it was interesting to see these guys try to communicate with the locals and recruit fellow team members. It’s possible to learn a lot about these guys’ personalities by how they approach total strangers. But once again, I would have liked to see the race have a purpose – like the winners get alone time with Ashley and she has to give one a rose and send one home. That would make it interesting. It’s getting very hard to tell Ben F and Constantine apart. I kept calling them Team Shaggy. There were definitely some laugh out loud moments – like when Constantine admitted that their “charm doesn’t translate” with the locals or that their team chant meant “Idiot.”

Ashley’s Cheetah dress seemed very appropriate for making out it an elevator with Ames. I kind of wanted Ames to be able to speak Chinese, as he’s supposed to be extremely educated, well traveled and intelligent. Their elevator passion was kind of unexpected, but kudos to Ames for discovering the roof’s view and whisking Ashley away for some love in an elevator with a happy ending on top. We also got to see Ben F in a very yellow v neck sweater go in for some making out with Ashley. We learn he’s starting to fall hard. Ryan P is really starting to piss people off with his constant cheeriness and inability to keep a smile off his face. It was pretty awesome when all of the guys were sitting around bashing Ryan and then Ashley comes up and takes the rose away from them to give it to him. I guess now that Bentley is gone, the show needs somebody else to pick on. 

Perhaps the clearest sign this early of who any Bachelor/Bachelorette was going to choose was revealed through Ashley’s date with JP. The way she was jumping at the bit to embrace him to go on their date together speaks volumes. We usually see this sort of meet and greet at the exotic overnights date when we’re down to 2-3 people left, not when there’s 8 guys left. Ashley had a look of pure joy on her face when she was with JP, a look we haven’t seen her have all season. JP blows these other guys away (besides Ben F, who I still like a lot). He’s articulate, he’s caring and best of all – Ashley makes him “feel alive.” The fact that he’s so into this girl is mind boggling, but gives us the last shred of hope that despite Ashley’s horrible decisions to date, she may still have a chance at a happy ending. JP’s a cutie, but Ashley thinks he’s the greatest looking thing since Chris Lambton.  I don’t think so, Ash, but am glad she feels that way about him. The way that Ashley described her little Bentley issue to JP seemed honest, to the point and cut out a lot of the ugly details.  It was clear.  JP had the perfect reaction.  It could not have gone any better from Ashley’s point of view – he is glad she told him.  He is glad she got closure…and it didn’t matter to him.  What more could she ask for?  They should be setting off fireworks and playing all sorts of Bachelor themed fantasy music at this point.  JP deserves a crown and 5 million roses for his reaction to Ashley’s news.  JP’s reaction gave Ashley the impression that her news would be equally accepted by the rest of the gang.  The problem is, however, the rest of these guys are not JP.

First off, Ashley’s confession to the group was far less smooth than the song and dance she gave JP.  To the group, she admitted to falling for Bentley.  Ouch.  So there’s poor Ames getting his ass kicked in a boxing ring all for the love of Ash and all she’s thinking about is why aren’t Bentley’s pectorals sweating in front of me right now?  Lucas is pissed that his time was being wasted.  Blake feels that his time was belittled – Ashley is caught up in a guy that hasn’t been around for 2 weeks and he can’t even get a one on one date with her.  I 100% agree with these guys and don’t fault them one second for being mad. They have basically put their lives on hold and have been chasing around a woman who has the hots for someone else.  Mickey’s reaction was priceless.  He felt lied to, etc.  Good for him for calling her out on it and making an immediate exit.  Blake must regret not doing the same. 

When Ashley came back at the rose ceremony and tells the guys that she feels “so much more (for them) than she felt for Bentley,” can anyone actually believe that?  She really feels more for Lucas and Constantine than she did for Big Bad Bent?  How could anyone take that statement seriously?   Ashley notes in her blog this week that
“in more ways than one, this episode marks the beginning of my beautiful, truthful, honest, genuine love story.”

The problem, however, is that I’m not sure anyone really cares.  From the preview of the rest of the season, it looks like there will be some more ups and downs before this love story gets to breathe.  Does someone else leave and come back?  Does Ashley have a total breakdown at the finale?  Will Ashley say Bentley 84 more times anymore? 

I’ve done some digging around and it does in fact look like the July 4th episode of Bachelorette is a repeat of this week’s show.  So the next new show featuring Taiwan is not until July 11th.  Awesome!  I’ll have some additional commentary next week, so please check back. 

Enjoy a very happy 4th of July weekend! – By Stacey B

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