The Bachelorette, episode 3: Brian’s busted, Ben’s bullied


We got to see more of girl next door Desiree this week in her workout outfits during the Dodgeball group date, the building climbing date with Hashtag guy and the cancellation of the pre-rose ceremony cocktail party for a shirtless / bikini pool party.  It would have been a home run style wise this week if hadn’t been for those horrible flesh colored leggings she wore during the Brian Bust and Kasey Hashtag date.  Wasn’t such a fan of that overdone rose ceremony dress easier.  The blue dress was fine alone – it didn’t need all the embellishment. She kind of had a Star Wars character look about her.

I can now officially say that there are multiple effeminate men. When Brooks put his hair up in a pony tail during the dodgeball game, I started to get worried and then when I saw oxygen tubes in his nose in the previews I thought he was pulling a Tierra, but he did have a legit broken finger and felt faint from the pain. I’ll buy that. I was convinced that Brad, the accountant from Denver who took Des aside to tell her about his secret, was going to admit to being bisexual and talk about his last boyfriend.  Turns out, he has a son with the same name as Angelina Jolie’s first adopted child. Drew is probably still the most effeminate.

The dodgeball date was a bit on the violent side – but far better than the horrible roller derby disaster from last season. I was really happy when Zack K got his first Des interactions. He seems like a fun guy, but they are showing us nothing about him. Hope that bodes well for him.

I’m getting a little sick of all the “plugging” going on during the show. It feels tired and it makes me feel used. Like when Des takes Chris off for some private time on the group date and she announces the name of a singer who’s there to give a private concert.  Then the whole Disney Lone Ranger plug and next week the Atlantic City Mr. America pageant (Chris Harrison will be hosting the Miss America pageant there on September 15th).

They did tone down the tweets this week. Probably only had about 20 tweets in total during the whole show.

As for the scandalous parts, Des did not seem too upset that Brian’s ex girlfriend showed up.  Didn’t see any major sparks between Des and she was probably relieved to have one less decision to make. Stephanie was really upset, but boy, nobody could get a word in – not even Chris Harrison!  She kind of looked like a contestant on the Bachelorette. This interaction all seemed a bit hyper dramatic – like forced controversy and really, I just wanted him to get kicked off and be done with it.

In terms of Ben getting picked on by the guys – I can see why they’re angry but he’s okay being the villain of the house as long as he gets his Des time. Do you think he’s a jerk or just playing the game really well or both? I wasn’t sure that Des was really into him that much and it grosses me out whenever he shushes her and says that THEIR kissing is a secret.  If he only he knew that she’s kissed practically every guy in the house at this point.

Episode 3 is usually a bit disappointing and reminiscent of past seasons. The play dress up and act out dramatic roles group date is overdone. This is the first adrenaline one on one date where both participants looked somewhat bored. Also – is it really romantic to be hanging off a building while two other people are right there with you hanging on ropes? The aggressive testosterone date (dodgeball) was another opportunity for people to get hurt while proving their devotion to Des.

If you’re looking for a silver lining, here are some highlights from this week’s show:

(1) I like Chris. Seems like a stand up, normal type of guy.

(2) Juan Pablo is giving her some passionate kisses and I don’t think she can ignore her hormones. Expect some hot scenes coming up between these two. Des loves facial hair (on her men).

(3) The exit of Brandon and his incredible body. Did you see his abdominal muscles? At one point I didn’t even realize he was crying – I was way too caught up in staring at his chest. And he dropped the first “L” bomb on episode 3??  A bit too intense. Poor guy has a lot of issues to work out before he can be in a healthy relationship.

(4) Still like Brooks – he looked pretty darn cute in his red headband and a broken finger even if he did have a pony tail during the dodgeball game.

(5) I like Awkward Bryden and that he never seems to know when to make a move until Desiree gives him a hint.

Here’s what I can’t understand:

(1) Mikey T, Thick Necked James and Zak W just seem a bit brawn over brains to me.  Not sure why Des seemed interested in any of them. James – if your father is sick, why the hell are you on a reality TV dating show with a very low success rate? Go spend time with your dad. Although Des keeping him around means she might actually like the guy (or she was really scared of Brandon like I was).

(2) I don’t find Hashtag Kasey and his crazy spiky hair remotely attractive. His date with Desiree seemed like a disaster and I felt like she was going to send him home – didn’t see much chemistry on her end.  Their kiss in the pool with towels over their heads just seemed forced and awkward. Also, not very into Michael G – he’s got “friend zone” written all over him.

What did you guys think? Anyone stand out for you? Are you liking the season any better or worse? Let’s hear it!