‘The Bachelorette’ fans, a look at the 25 pursing Ali


I have done my homework.  After studying the 25 men who will be pursuing our Bachelorette to be, Ali Fedotowsky, I have some observations to share.  These judgments are not based on anything other than pure looks and the basic information provided by ABC.  In other words, I am judging the bachelor by his cover.

 Here are my thoughts:  (and we would like to hear from you)

Of note about Ali’s pool of potential husbands is the following (you may want to look at the pictures/info of each of these guys at the ABC website when reviewing these thoughts. We’ve got three Canadians this season.  As there were no Canadians for Jake’s season, our neighbors up north are going to be very happy.  Especially, because at least one of them is absolutely adorable.

Not one of the dudes is from New York, New Jersey or Connecticut.  Maybe Ali had a bad experience with a tri-state area jerk or has something against the Yankees, the Mets, etc.  Either way, there will be no Gia accents on this season.

The bachelors range in age from 24 to 34, with 13 of them being 27 years old or younger.  As a wise woman in my 30s, I can now look back and say that this does not bode well for our girl Ali.  In my experience, single guys who have been single for quite some time that are 24 and 25 years old like their freedom.  This is not to say that there aren’t some young bucks out there who are looking to settle down and have dinner parties at home with their newly purchased

Kitchen Aids off their wedding registries, but it’s most likely the exception. At least 6 out of the 25 contestants this season are employed as some sort of salesman.  It will be interesting to see whether they can sell themselves to

With the exception of one Latin man, minorities are non-existent in this pool of men. No African Americans/Canadians, no Asians, no Indians, no Native Americans, Pacific Islanders nor Eskimos.  I wonder if this is because minorities do not audition to be on the show or whether they just don’t make the cut.  Regardless, there are certainly minorities who watch the show, and it would be nice to have some diversity in the mix.

I already have my favorites and a few comments about some of the rest.  I won’t speculate on every single person and I’ve ready the rumors out there and refuse to spoil it for anyone in case they are not true. 

My top 5 choices for Ali F:

Hunter.  There’s a YouTube video of him floating around the web singing a hilarious song at one of his friend’s weddings.  Apparently this is what the guy does – he makes up funny lyrics and sings them while playing a ukulele.  I think Hunter is adorable.  I love how his ears stick out just a little and he’s got nice big eyes, which make him seem earnest and sincere.  I’ll take sincere over seductive any day.

Chris H.  I think he’s my favorite just based on his headshot alone.  He’s gorgeous.  He lives in Vancouver (fun town for Ali to visit) and he’s a real estate developer.  He’s got the All-American boyish look to him which I think Ali found appealing in Jake, and I like his conservative, Banana Republic type button down shirt.  I hope he has a cute Canadian accent like Jillian.  So long as he’s not 5 foot 3, we may have a winner here. 

Jesse.  Yes he’s 24, which normally would spell disaster, but he’s cute in a frat boy kind of way and may have the Michael Stagliano twin boyish charm factor from Jillian’s season.  I feel like the grandmothers watching this show will love him and want to pinch his cheeks.  He’s got the potential to grow a little puppy love for Ali.

Kirk.  “Big Red” just has a nice, warm smile and I don’t think we’ve ever seen any successful red heads on the show, so I’m hoping he does well.  He’s also from Wisconsin, which means he’ll have a cool accent and since he’s a sales consultant, I feel like he may have a great personality.

Chris L.  I liked his t-shirt featuring the periodic chart of the elements.  He may be a bit quirky, which Ali will like.  Also, he’s 33, which is definitely at the right age to meet someone and settle down and I hope we get to see Cape Cod on a hometown visit.  Some other brief comments:Did anyone else think that Craig M, the guy with the hair that looks like it got blown through a wind tunnel, has a slight Patrick Dempsey resemblance?  

Craig is 34, which is 9 years older than Ali. Not sure this is going to happen, but since he’s in dental sales, I’m sure he’ll have nice white teeth. I’m thinking that Craig R from Philly may be a nice Jewish boy.  He’s going to fall head over heals for a gorgeous blonde like Ali, but not sure his mother will approve.  He seems too nice to be a lawyer and this could be a nice guys finish last situation.  We’ll see.

Derek is Frodo from Lord of the Rings.  Also he lives in Los Angeles, which may mean he has a potential Hollywood agenda for coming on the show.  Red flag.  Ugh, I am not a fan of Justin the “Entertainment Wrestler.”  Haven’t even heard the guy speak a word and I don’t like him.  Anyone in the entertainment industry who comes on this show has no interest in finding true love. Huge red flag.

Kyle the “Outdoorsman” needs a new job.  And a brush. This is a wandering soul and Ali should not get caught up in this.I like Phil the Investment Manager.  He’s the guy your mother and grandmother urge you to meet and marry.  If he went spray tanning and smiled more, you might forget he was a finance guy.  But if you need someone dependable, I’d count on Phil.

Roberto, our token diverse Bachelor, will sadly be ousted quickly. I’d be surprised if he makes it past the second round. If you’ve ever seen Little House on the Prairie, Steve, is a dead ringer for Mary Ingalls’s husband on the show, Adam Kendall.

Ty Brown has country music career aspirations.  He was in Kelly Pickler’s music video and I hope he doesn’t turn out to be the next Wes from Jillian’s season.

John N and Jay the lawyer seem metro sexual to me.  They are a bit too polished looking.  But maybe Ali likes that.  I guess we’ll see.  What are your impressions of these guys?  Any early predictions?  Let’s hear it!

Stacey B

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