The Bachelorette in Atlantic City: A Pageant Within a Pageant


The BacheloretteI’m a bit surprised by last week’s Bachelorette episode in Atlantic City for a number of reasons:

(1) Was it not clear to everyone in the world (including Des) that Brad (first one on one date) seemed extremely effeminate? He’s a nice enough guy, but there was no chemistry at that evening dinner. So awkward. Though in terms of solo dates, their Atlantic City day looked really fun.  You can basically ride rides, play games and watch a sunset by a handmade sand castle with anyone and they’d seem appealing.  But with his fitted leather coat, high cut cheekbones and the way he spoke, I am not convinced he’s looking for a woman.  It’s too bad we couldn’t have seen Brad interact with the beauty pageant expert gay man.

(2) The whole Hurricane Sandy date was bittersweet. On the one hand, they didn’t do a group charity date this year, so I guess it was nice that they brought attention to such a horrible incident.  On the other hand, sticking an American Red Cross person in a helicopter with Desiree and James while they were given a tour of the destruction really killed any sort of romantic mood.  I would have liked seeing a group date where the guys rebuilt a house or a community for the day.  I watch this show for an escape from the real world – to take a couple hours and be launched into la la land.  So having an extended segment on the devastation of Hurricane Sandy was not exactly a mood lifter.  That said – how could you not love Jan and Danny?  Adorable couple and I was just starting to wonder why they were given so much air time just about the moment when Desiree offered them her date. (Definitely not her idea, by the way – that was so orchestrated by the producers).

Ok, so it was very cute to see two regular, deserving people get a fantasy date – if a tad distracting for understanding what exactly Desiree sees in James besides his super white teeth.  Yes, as JP Rosenbaum tweeted during the show – it would have been great to see Jan and Danny (“Janny”) go the fantasy suite.  (not really).

(3) Still not understanding Des’s love for the meatheads on this show and James is certainly in that category.  Mikey T is Meathead #2.  Zak = Meathead #3 (even though he can sing). Also why does James feel the need to reveal he’s a cheater? He was 18 or 19 years old when he cheated – didn’t we all do stupid things back then?  Once a cheater, always a cheater, though – no idea why Des decided he’s trustworthy. Let’s keep our eye on this one. From the coming attractions, sounds like he “may not be there for the right reasons.”  And why can’t she keep a nice, genuine, interesting seeming guy like Zack the book publisher? Especially since she likes to write? We certainly didn’t see enough of him and I’m bummed he went home.  He was in my top 3.

(4) As for the Mr. America pageant – this was one of the dumbest competitions on the show. Why are they always trying to make the guys look like morons? If I was feeling mediocre about Des at this point, I think I would have walked off the show. The pageant was only a step above the “roast” the guys did for Ashley Hebert’s season. These guys are already in competition for Desiree – that’s what the entire show is about. Why put them in another one? Those bathing suits they were given, by the way, are super expensive. Vilbrequin swim shorts are around $250 per pop.  Check them out here:

(5) I was SHOCKED that Zak was actually talented. Even more impressed that he has a real job and is not an aspiring musician. Des kind of looked slightly embarrassed when he tried to finish the song for her – couldn’t get a read on whether she was enjoying the serenade or felt like Ali Fedotowsky did when Kasey Kahl tried to sing her a toned deaf a capella song. Was also surprised that Kasey, who won the Mr. America pageant, did not get a rose for doing so. He didn’t even get special one on one time – just bragging rights, a sash and roses.

(6) Chris may be the only normal guy on the show. Cute. Down to earth. There for the right reasons. A bit dorky and funny (loved that he wore high heels during the pageant. Loved that he’s worried he’s “in the friend zone” with Des. Love that he wrote her a poem).  They are cute together.

(7) Are we really supposed to believe that Bryden is ready to leave the show? Come now. He’s not going anywhere. Also, can they cut him a break on his hair? There was a mean tweet posted about it on the show.  Leave him and his hair alone. He’s a genuine manly guy which is rare on this season and doesn’t bring pounds of hair gel or a stylist with him. I’d take that over the muscle men dudes that are everywhere.

(8) I loved Desiree’s dark pea coat and chunky cowl neck cream colored sweater this episode.  More girl next door outfits which is what she looks best in.

(9) Ben is totally the Jake Pavelka of this season.  Thick Necked James is Ronnie from Jersey Shore with the neck of Ryan from Emily Maynard’s season.  I’m still confusing Mikey “I’m not a meathead but I will take my shirt off and flex my chest muscles as my talent” with James.

(10) Still not finding Michael G attractive and watching him go in for a kiss with Desiree kind of makes me nauseous.

Wait, she’s really keeping Mikey, Drew, Kasey, James, Ben and Michael over cute, book publisher ZACK??? WHYYY??

So next week, we finally start our international travel – and what better place to start than in Munich?? I hope they go to the naked park.  Looks like James may not have good intentions. Ben gets even more annoying and all of it will come to a head.  So what do you think – is the season getting better? Do you like any of the remaining guys? Could ANY of these guys be the next Bachelor (gonna say no at this point).

PS – no Juan Pablo this episode. Except that he mentions he has a daughter, which I don’t remember him saying, but maybe I missed that.