Ali returns to the U.S. to join the four remaining bachelors in their hometowns and finds herself on the hot seat with some of the families. “The stakes are high as Ali returns to the U.S. from her exciting world tour for an emotionally charged journey across the country to visit Roberto, Chris L., Kirk and Frank in their hometowns. Her bonds are growing stronger with these men, but she is severely tested by some of the families. Just how ready are these bachelors for marriage? Ali is about to find out from the people who know them best, and in a heartbreaking turn, she must send one man home, on “The Bachelorette,” MONDAY, JULY 12 (8:00-10:02 p.m., ET), on the ABC Television Network. Episode 608”

Ali’s first stop is Tampa, Roberto’s hometown. He’s the man who swept her off her feet the first night with a sexy salsa and hasn’t let her down since. They meet on the campus of his alma mater, University of Tampa, and he takes her to his “field of dreams,” where he was a star member of the baseball team. The couple enjoy an idyllic day of baseball and romance, but Ali is very nervous about meeting Roberto’s father, a tough former Army Ranger. They go to his family home for dinner and Ali is greeted warmly, but the bachelor’s father, who is extremely proud of his son, has some tough questions for Ali. She does her best in an honest heart-to-heart with his parents to assure them she would be a loving, supportive wife. But will that be enough to convince them to give their blessing?

Now it is on to Cape Cod, where Ali visits fellow Massachusetts native Chris L. His relationship with her has been slow, but steady. As they walk on the beach, they feel at ease, and she begins to see a new side of him that intrigues her. At Chris’ home, they share a tender moment as he shows her photos of his mother who recently passed away. Ali feels right at home with his family – as if she has lived there for years – and she is touched by some profound advice about life and love that Chris’ father shares with her. However, there is some concern by the family that this vulnerable suitor may get his heart broken. Despite this, their romance seems to be blossoming and love is in the air.

Ali ventures to Green Bay to visit Kirk’s family. His lack of serious past relationships has her worried. Since his parents are divorced, Ali will meet them separately. She is somewhat alarmed by his father’s taxidermy workshop, but finds herself impressed with his supportive love for his son. Kirk’s mother tells Ali the story of her son’s long and difficult battle with an illness that nearly killed him. But is he ready to move on with his life – and is he ready to share it with the Bachelorette?

Finally, Ali lands in Chicago, Frank’s hometown. The day starts out romantic and upbeat as they take a romantic boat tour, but Ali senses that he is anxious. Frank admits he is confused. When she meets his family, they assure her that his high stress level is the result of his strong feelings for her. Both Ali and Frank feel more positive and excited about the future.

Ali’s feelings for all four men have deepened after sharing so much with their families. And so, when she returns to Los Angeles for the rose ceremony, she needs to fight back tears as she hands out only three roses to those men who will accompany her to Tahiti.

The four remaining men are:

Chris L., 33, landscaper from Cape Cod, MA
Frank, 31, retail manager, from Geneva, IL
Kirk, 27, sales consultant from Green Bay, WI
Roberto, 26, insurance agent from Charleston, SC

Hosted by Chris Harrison, “The Bachelorette” is a production of Next Entertainment in association with Warner Horizon Television. Mike Fleiss and Martin Hilton are the executive producers.

(source: ABC)

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