The Beautiful Life is dead


The first casualty of the new television season is “The Beautiful Life” (TBL, as it was known) created by Ashton Kutcher and staring Mischa Barton, Corbin Blue and Sara Paxton. You’ll want to be sure to remember those details for future trivia contests.

The CW announced that encore episodes of “Melrose Place” will take the Wednesday 9-10 pm slot, without mentioning what was bounced. But that left TBL without an air time. The drama about young fashion models trying to make it in New York had only aired twice, to small audiences – 1.5 million for week one, only 1 million for week two. The seventh episode was in production when word came down of the cancellation.

“Its true were cancelled 🙁 we found out in the middle of filming last night. So unfair and cruel! Cw didn’t even give us a chance. Boo on u,” tweeted Sara Paxton on her Twitter account. She also tweeted the URL of a petition to beg The CW to keep the show on the air. That, of course, was repeated by Ashton Kutcher, who has one of the largest Twitter followings on the planet.

By Saturday evening, the petition had gathered nearly 4,000 digital signatures.