‘The Best Multi-Platform Of The Year’ Award Goes To …


A SaaS platform established five years ago in Miami is reveling in its receipt of the “Best Multi-Platform of the Year” award at the 2019 NAB Show in Las Vegas.

The award was presented to digital media platform Streann, which offers tools that help content providers distribute and monetize content while engaging with the end user in creative ways.

“The benefits of Streann’s platform are multi-faceted,” the company says.

First, “audiences are kept engaged through an innovative chat tool that encourages social interaction within the network, even during live broadcasts, while content providers can implement Streann’s patent-pending ad technology.”

This feature, Streann says, “makes advertising less disruptive, which is crucial, as shifting the focus to the needs of audiences is the arguably most sustainable path toward broadcasters’ success.”

With digital disruption transforming consumer behavior, content providers are finding it increasingly difficult to win the spotlight. Therefore, engaging consumers in the era of content abundance requires a wholly new approach.

“Streann’s multi-platform acts as a ticket to the digital world as its versatility empowers content providers to implement diverse features,” the company says.

Streann’s integrated solution has been used for major endeavors, including the broadcast of the FIFA 2018 World Cup.

TCS Go!, a media company targeting Latin American audiences, needed to stream most of the games on the go due to time zone differences. Streann managed to secure over 15,000 paid subscriptions, out of which 80% used the mobile app. The transmission – all 64 matches – could be recorded in the cloud and watched on-demand. In addition, by implementing the unique non-invasive Inside-ad solution, TCS Go! increased 80% the number of clicks on the ads for their brands.

Meanwhile, Streann believes that with its tools, content providers “can build the next Netflix, Spotify or HQ with new engagement features and market-first patent pending monetization technologies.”