The day after the "Day of Silence"


On Tuesday thousands of Internet radio stations across America turned silent in symbolic protest of the increase in royalty rates proposed by the Copyright Royalty Board (CRB). Bridge Ratings conducted two studies in association with Tuesday's "Day of Silence" to gauge what impact this movement would have.

The second study was based on Wednesday when Internet Radio returned. 89% of the panel indicated that they had listened to Internet radio – a significant increase over Tuesday.

One can conclude from this data that Tuesday's "Day of Silence" did have a significant impact on listening though 45% of the sample still found Internet radio stations to listen to even if their primary Internet Radio stream of choice was not available. Despite this finding, a significant number of Internet Radio fans sought out alternatives to their primary stream.

Bridge then asked the entire sample of Internet radio listeners if they found their primary Internet radio station silent on Tuesday's "Day of Silence". 62% of the respondents indicated they had.

Also on Tuesday, Bridge asked the 62% who found their primary Internet station silent on Tuesday, what action they took when they found that station silent.

72% stated that they tuned to an Internet radio station that was streaming while 23% didn't listen to Internet radio that day.