The Emily Maynard Rumor Review and Why Ricki Should Pick Final Guy


With all of the backlash in sending Sean home this week, I wonder if Emily is second guessing her choice.  It still seems strange to me that the reliable, good-looking, softspoken Sean was sent packing.  Yes, I know it ultimately comes down to the chemistry between them.  But Emily seems like a smart cookie to me.  She knows that this process isn’t just about her.  She needs someone that she’ll love that can be equally great with Ricki.  And couldn’t that have been Sean?  I propose that Ricki pick the final one for her mother.  Can we allow that?  Set her up with a fantasy tea party on a helicopter to some enchanted princess island and let each of these guys play princess with her (or force them to dress as a princess).  I bet we’d get a really good sense of who is ready for being a dad and who isn’t.  Why couldn’t one of Emily’s two on one dates been each guy coaching opposite teams of one of Ricki’s soccer games?  Is Emily really going to get engaged to someone without them meeting the most important person in her life?  What if Ricki “hates” these guys?  Emily’s decision will very much affect Ricki, so why shouldn’t she get a say?  We’re talking about picking up two lives and heading across the country to a completely new city, with no support system.  She’ll be flying without a net.

As to the Emily rumors this week, let’s break them down:

(1)    Emily and Chris Harrison are secretly dating or had an affair.  This makes me laugh.  Do you think someone as gorgeous, mature and sweet as Emily would go anywhere near Chris Harrison when she’s got the likes of Arie, Jef and Sean to choose from?  Chris H said to the press this week that even he teared up when Sean was sent home.  Ok, not sure that can possibly be true and if it is, I think the show has really gotten to Chris H and he may need some alone time.

(2)    Emily hates Chris Harrison.  I’m not sure this can be the case either.  Unless Chris Harrison called Ricki “baggage,” which seems to be the absolute worst thing you can say to Emily.  I don’t see the two of them getting dinner together when Emily’s in LA for appearances, but they certainly don’t seem like enemies.  And if Emily wasn’t completely thrilled with Chris Harrison, she certainly wouldn’t let anyone know.

(3)    Emily’s a diva on set.  She threw a fit if her clothes didn’t look right or if her hair wasn’t exactly how she wanted it.  Hmmm. I don’t know about this one either.  Yes, she got a high budget for her clothing and accessories, but let’s be honest, if Emily wasn’t the Bachelorette, she could certainly be an Avon model.  It’s in the show’s best interest to dress Emily as best as possible.  Men want to seduce her and women want to be her.  We’ve seen Emily break down when she has to send someone home and to me, she really does seem like such a sweet lady.  Yes, there’s a sharp side to her (the side that told Kalon to get the F out), but I think these instances are few and far between.

(4)    Emily had the show research the net worth of the contestants and whether they owned their homes before meeting them.  Now this rumor is an interesting one.  I wouldn’t blame Emily for wanting to know the financial status of her dudes.  Since Emily seems to be supported by her late fiancé’s family or perhaps her own family’s money she’s right to make sure that she’s not marrying an embezzler or someone with gambling debt or defaulting on house payments.  She’s got two people to think about in this scenario.  So yes, I believe this one, but I’m ok with it.  Actually, I’m better than ok with it – I think it’s smart.

(5)    Roberto as the next Bachelor?  I’m not sure if they’re just trying to throw us off, but Chris Harrison stated this week that Roberto Martinez, ex fiancé to Ali Fedotowsky and our best hope for a hot Latin lover to take the stage, is NOT currently our next Bachelor.  He also says that nobody has been selected yet.  My guess?  ABC is seriously debating between Roberto and Sean.  The split of viewers has been pretty widespread for the final 3 this season.  The “loser” to Emily may prove too unpopular.  There are some serious Arie doubters out there.  My male work friend is convinced that Arie’s a fraud and just one big conniving jerk.  I’m not sure that “Jef” would quite fit the typical Bachelor mold with mass female appeal.

In other Bachelor related thoughts, I’m very eager to find out the following:

(1)    Who will the final 2 guys meet from Emily’s family.  Ricki? Her parents? Ricki’s grandparents?

(2)    Why did the producers want to do a “LIVE” After the Final Rose.  Is there something scheduled to happen at that time?  There’s only been one season that I can remember where the Bachelor could not decide between his final two ladies, and made them sweat it out until the After the Final Rose, where he picked one.  In the meantime, he continued to date both.  What a crock that is!  Can you imagine that you’re a contestant on Bachelor, you’ve made it to the end and then the guy says, “Sorry, honey, I love both of you. Let’s keep dating and see where this takes us.”  Who in their right mind would put up with that?  That’s like a 3 month extension of hell! Which leads me to my next question…

(3)    Will Emily actually make a decision during the finale?  Will she get engaged?  Or will she say: Yes, pending you meeting Ricki and her approval, we can get engaged.

I forgot my iPhone today at work and am feeling like a limb is missing.  Am going to go nap a bit then bang out the next 10 hours of my day job before calling it a day.  Tomorrow’s is my mother’s birthday (and my cousin Alex’s 21st birthday), so we’re off to celebrate.  Hope you all have a great weekend.  I’m mildly excited for The Men Tell All, but perhaps they’ll tell us who our next Bachelor is then?

What do you guys think a “Live” finale means?  Do you think Emily will make a decision during the finale?  Do you think the guys will meet Ricki?  Any chance Emily will come back on the After the Final Rose and choose Sean?  Let’s discuss…


  1. OMG – an AVON model? Is AVON still around? (I know it is but…)

    Emily could model for a top designer or the likes.

    Where did you come up with AVON? Yikes.

    Makes me question 100 percent of everything written here.

    • Reese Witherspoon is an Avon spokesperson. That’s where the Avon reference comes from. Yes, it’s an old school company, but they purposefully pick fresh faces.

  2. If Emily does not call sean back then I hope he is the next bachelor.he is truly a great man.Is Emily good enough for Sean,maybe-maybe not.

  3. I believe she’s going to talk to Sean, and tell him she made a mistake…and he’s the one she truly loves, and shes going to send the other two packing just my guess. 🙂

  4. first of ALL. hope from the very botton of my heart that he picks arie and arie wants her as well, dont want to beleive all this rumors that arie reject her. thats bullshit.. Honestly if arie does that,after all this chemistry , after letting sean go ????? Am nt too keen on jeff, i think his family wont like emily after a while. and they r like just friends,……??

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