"The Gamut" launches on WTOP HD-3


DC has a new radio station in Hubbard Broadcasting’s WTOP-HD3. Appropriately named, “The Gamut” plays just about everything: AAA, Blues, Dance, Classic Country, Disco, Hardcore Metal, Do-Wop/50’s oldies, Classic Hits, show tunes and more. Launched 1/30, it plays a bit of Indie Rock but could use more. We also have not heard any Reggae whatsoever. However, the sheer variety is iPod-esque and somewhat refreshing.

Years ago, WTOP offered the Unsigned/Indie Rock channel called iChannelMusic. That, like DC-101’s eRockster, were pulled. Perhaps it was due to minimal/no promotion on the main signal. We have to give them credit for trying, nonetheless.

Joel Oxley, Hubbard Senior Regional Vice President, tells RBR-TVBR: “The Gamut was developed by one of our engineers, Dave Kolesar. He has spent the last 5 years compiling nearly 4,900 songs from as early as the 1920’s to today. He has done an amazing job making one song fit with the next and inserting liners and at times going live to give it personality. He originally planned on it being an internet station but when I listened to it I felt it wad so good that it should be on HD. I have always felt that to bring listeners to HD radio our industry needed to have unique, creative, quality products. The Gamut definitely is that.”

Some of WTOP-HD3’s liners:
“If you don’t know what you want, stop here—The Gamut.”
“The Gamut—Everything from A to Z…and a few things from outside the alphabet.”
“The Gamut—Food for your brain.”
“Just about everything is heard here—on The Gamut.”

RBR-TVBR observation: Nothing mentioned about it on WTOP or WTOP.com, nor can we find any way to stream the station. If they are looking to monetize it, that should change soon, of course. But give them some time–it just launched!


  1. Been listening to the Gamut on 820 AM No advertizing How do they pay for that? all good different songs as I drive from Frederick home to Baltimore work I can’t turn it off It’s cut into my sports radio listening Heard them say Braddock Heights is where 820 is maybe I can find it and see if there’s a DJ sitting there like Wolfman Jack in American Graffitti. My wife won’t listen to AM luckily she’s not driving with me much though we just puddle hopped to Lake Placid last week

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