"The Golden Girls" to be remade for Spanish language audiences


Disney Media Networks Latin America announced the start of production in Caracas, Venezuela for “Los Años Dorados,” a Latin American reversioning of the beloved, award-winning comedy series, “The Golden Girls.” It will be aimed at  the Latin America and U.S. Hispanic markets. “Los Años Dorados” continues the company’s ongoing strategy for brand extension that creates unique value for broadcasters and viewers.

Tailored for the Hispanic audience with an exceptional cast headed by leading actresses Rebecca Jones and Susana Alexander from Mexico, Kristina Lilley from Colombia and Cuban Lili Rentería, “Los Años Dorados” takes place in a Miami that is radically different from the one known by the four original stars. Today’s Miami is a melting pot of Hispanic culture spiced with the flavors, language, music, politics and spirit of Latin America.

“Los Años Dorados’” four heroines are Latinas from three different countries who, due to their current economic difficulties and personal problems, end up sharing a house. Maintaining the spirit of the original series, “Los Años Dorados” showcases the entertaining adventures resulting from learning to live together in the midst of needs and dreams that are yet to be fulfilled.

Following the Latin American format of limited series run, “Los Años Dorados” will be produced as 45 30-minute episodes recorded in high definition on a custom-built set in Caracas. The series continues DMNLA’s success with locally developed and produced reversionings for “Grey’s Anatomy” (“A Corazón Abierto) and “Desperate Housewives” (“Amas de Casa Desesperadas”).

Leonardo Aranguibel, DMNLA, is responsible for the adaptation, and the scripts are being written by Mexican screenwriter Héctor Valdes. Executive producers of the reversioned production are Leonardo Aranguibel, Orinoco Films, and Cinemat’s José Vicente Scheuren and María Auxiliadora Barrios. The latest two are developing this project in Venezuela. The director is Olegario Barrera.

“The Golden Girls” was produced for seven seasons from 1985-1992 and received countless accolades, including Emmys for Best Comedy series and for each of the four stars. The series continues in syndication today.