The Hispanic Radio Podcast: How To Succeed In A Small Market


If you’re in the smallest of Nielsen Audio-rated markets, or in a city where there are no ratings, attracting listeners — and advertising — has its challenges. But, what if you’re serving a unique audience you can “own,” because your programming has a value proposition no other radio station in town can offer?

Spanish-language radio stations have emerged in that role, and in the first of a regular series of podcasts designed to educate and inform the media industry on the power of Hispanic radio, Radio + Television Business Report Editor-in-Chief Adam R Jacobson takes seven minutes to learn how Tomás Martinez, owner and CEO of Solmart Media, has developed a cluster of stations in a rural portion of Southwest Florida. How can one be locally focused, while also addressing the fiscal need for syndicated programming? What’s the best path for attracting national and/or local dollars?

Find out now, with this report from the 2018 Hispanic Radio Conference in Doral, Fla.