The Hispanic Radio Podcast: Is Sports A Home Run For You?


It’s well-known among marketers and advertisers that Hispanic sports fans are among the most passionate and loyal aficionados of a wide range of pro teams and leagues.

But, is there a gaping hole in your market when it comes to the media choices available to these Latino sports lovers? Spanish-language play-by-play and sports talk could be the one thing missing from the community — and deportes could mean “dollar delivery” if done right.

In this latest Hispanic Radio Podcast from Streamline Publishing, Skyview Networks National Hispanic Audio Sales Manager Blanche Joesten talks with RBR+TVBR Editor-in-Chief Adam R Jacobson about the potential to bring in more revenue while building a brand-new connection to an underserved — and very passionate — audience.

How can your radio station tap into this fervent fan passion? The answer could come in just seven minutes.

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