The InFOCUS Podcast: Doug Ferber


Tieline manufactures STL, audio distribution and remote broadcast digital audio codecs.

For those outside of the engineering department, that may put a glazed look on the faces of important C-Suite executives.

Enter Doug Ferber. Many RBR+TVBR readers know Doug for his role as a media broker, heading Dallas-based DEFcom Advisors, and for his work alongside now-retired Foster Garvey attorney Erwin Krasnow. Since February 2020, radio industry engineers and C-Suiters charged with approving expenses have gotten to know Ferber for his role as VP of Sales for the Americas at Tieline.

In this role, Ferber explains in easy terminology the vital role these play for Radio in this InFOCUS Podcast, presented by dot.FM, hosted by Editor-in-Chief Adam R Jacobson. logo
Listen to “The InFOCUS Podcast: Doug Ferber” on Spreaker.


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