The iPhone cometh


If you were watching television at all over the weekend, you no doubt saw an ad from Apple and AT&T Wireless announcing that the Apple iPhone will make its debut on June 29th. As the exclusive US service provider for the much-awaited device, AT&T is hoping for an advantage over its wireless rivals and is planning heavy promotion of the iPhone. It carries a big price tag, though – 500 bucks, or 600 if you want more memory. Some technophiles are looking down their noses at the iPhone, since it uses old fashioned GSM, rather than the new 3G wireless technology. But as a latecomer to the mobile phone biz, Apple is hoping that consumers will take to the iPhone's sleek design and easy operability, with touch-screen icons making it a mobile device that is so self-explanatory that non-techies will flock to it.

TVBR observation: We are reminded of what Bob Pittman said in his speech at NAB2007 in Las Vegas in April – that consumer acceptance of a new technology or device isn't about being the best, but rather about being the most convenient. If the iPhone is able to deliver on its promise of being an easy, painless way to deal with email, texting, music downloads and mobile video, it may well be embraced by the public. The average consumer doesn't want to have to break open a manual to figure out how to use their latest wireless device.