“The Jet 100.7” launches in Pensacola


WCOAWCOA-FM Pensacola, FL switched from a News/Talk simulcast with sister station WCOA-AM 1370 on 2/28 and launched “The Jet 100.7” as a Classic Hits station. Jerry King joins the Cumulus owned stations, from Cumulus Media Networks, as Ops Manager for the Pensacola cluster and as PD of Jet 100.7FM. The Bob & Tom Show will anchor the morning show.


    • This Station sucks now. It has just turned into another boring radio station. It’s music all day and some dry grandpas in the morning. Awful!

  1. Why was the talk radio show dropped in favor of music? Better question WHY was this not announced to the audience before it happened?
    I listened to 100.7 the day the new format came on and all one could hear before the official 10AM switch is mumbled noise.
    The new music format is a BAD move for this station.
    I guess the Political Correct Police got to you TOO.
    I will not listen to 100.7 until Talk shows and Conservatives are back.
    I will not help a station that secretly changed from Conservative Talk Show to JUST another same old, same old over used music format.

    Lets see where your ratings are in SIX months?

  2. Agree with Sharon. DUMB change! 100.7 was the only great FM-talker in the area. Plenty of FM music stations to choose from.

  3. REALLY, REALLY dumb move… we have Plenty of music stations… had only ONE FM news talk station. I will not be listening as well!! 🙁

  4. Not a good move, you had the best station in Pensacola and then you do something like this. FM 100.7 was the only station I and many others listened to, but not any more!!

  5. I join the others expressing disapointment in the format change. I listened for a while on Fri (2/28) trying to understand where the talk radio regulars were.

    On my commute this morning I got an unwanted earful from “Bob & Tom” as they discussed the merits of pumpkin scented douches. That was enough for me. I’m gone.

  6. I’m glad they changed to music. Every day on talk radio you get reminded of how messed up the country is under the democrat elite. This station blankets the gulf coast from Pensacola to Mobile and beyond. We haven’t had a classic hits station in Mobile since Jack FM went away. Wave 102 doesn’t cover the area like Jet 100.7 does. Good Move! Now all we need is an Alternative Rock station.

    • What??!!??

      uhh..lets count them…96.1 The Rocket
      and NOW Jet 100…

      now there are THREE places to here “Kashmir” and “Don’t Look Back” ad nauseum….

      please….don’t post before you think….

  7. I have to agree with the majority of the previous posts….it is such a disappointment, and to have done it the way you did, without any explanation or warning…..seems very strange. It also speaks volumes about your concern(or lack there-of)for daily,loyal listeners. Especially sad is the loss of the just-launched program: In Your Head Radio, with Rick Outzen. That show was so valuable last month, when our area had a serious weather situation, in keeping everyone informed and aware of the dangerous outside conditions, and of the updates from the local authorities. It was also so good to have a show that addressed timely,local concerns, as well as being a source of valuable local information in general. It is also sad to lose The Phil Valentine Show. I only had three stations that I listened to on my FM dial….WUWF, WTKY and WCOA. Now it is down to two, and all the rest are on the AM dial. I have access to all the music I could possibly want, and then some…..on all of the other cookie-cutter stations out there. Intelligent News/Talk stations are rare, and getting rarer.

  8. I agree with 95% of the comments already posted — I was in shock Friday when I went to tune in 100.7 for Phil Valentine on my Friday commute home, and instead I got……..Classic hits. FIZZLE………………:( I’m SO disappointed!!! I’m either going to listen to 101.5 for my rock or, today, I’m actually going to the AM dial to try their talk radio station (which I’ve tried once before, and the reception’s not as clear, but if that’s my only option…!). And I agree with the listener who complained that this was unannounced – I’m a Monday through Friday commute listener and *I* was certainly unaware!!!

  9. If you like the talk format then why do you not listen to WCOA 1370? They did not change their format did they? Perhaps if they have a digital transmission they could put WCOA 1370 audio on WJTQ-FM “HD-2”.

  10. What have you done with my news talk radio station! We already have 96.1 classic rock. I supported sponsors who advertised on 100.7. Will not be a listener to this station anymore . You made a horrible decision. I am out of here!

    • It seems as the truth hurts. If you get your news from television you will be kept blind. We will truly miss news talk radio severely. I will not support 100.7 anymore. Bad move. Obamanites win again.

  11. Love the new format. Less talking and more music is wonderful. For the haters, tune into the sister station 1370.

  12. I am disapointed. A democrat must have bought the station. I will not be listening anymore.I will hear Chris Plant,Phil Valentine and Mark Levin on line. I pray another station will pick up the format.

  13. There are a couple of you who suggested that we 100.7 talk listeners simply turn over to WCOA 1370. While I appreciate the suggestions,….although one was aimed at “haters” which I do not consider myself to be,…I have just looked up their schedule and it doesn’t contain Phil Valentine OR Mark Levine, two of the hosts I most enjoyed listening to. So, you see, it’s not as simple as just turning the dial. For most of us, our favorites are gone – not only gone, but SUDDENLY (and without warning) gone with no comparable options at the moment. We have a right to be upset about this.

      • Dumb move. Political Crisis and WCOA goes music like every other station. What was a great Conservative lineup was taken from a loyal daily listening audience. No more, dumb move! We need Truth, not music! We can’t get Am 1370 Station reception when we could on FM.

  14. Nancy: I did not realize that they changed the lineup at 1370 WCOA. It is a Cumulus station though and that means King Midas in reverse. Cumulus tends to do stupid things.

    • *sigh* Yes, I used to work in radio, and unfortunately, I learned “up close & personal” how much everything comes down to the dollar. But what really surprised me is that what drove those decisions is not so much the ratings but the cost of the programming itself to the station. I don’t know…….I just think this format change is a bad idea. The percentage of “bad idea” comments here to “good idea” comments seems to back me up on that. I hope we get a good alternative soon.

  15. Definitely lost me – too few choices in the panhandle/mobile area for talk radio. Out of Touch programmers

  16. I am also a weekly commuter and I can certainly attest to not being warned about the format change. It is because of this sudden change that I will not be able to hear Michael Savage when I get off work or if I was listening to the talk radio FM station during the night, I would have been able to hear the rerun or listen to John Bachelor. I will be calling to complain to the station. Music stations are terrible because they play the same thing over and over again. Bring back the original format and cancel the Jet.

  17. I am extremely beside myself . You guys have lost your minds. Obviously very unhappy listener

  18. Bring back our only source of the truth. JET, you suck. I am absolutely furious about this. I will also be calling the station to complain. I agree with an earlier comment that liberals bought the station. I supported the companies that advertised on WCOA. I will not be listening to JET.

  19. UPDATE — 100.7 WCOA posted this on Facebook (the reception’s still bad, which several people have commented, but at least it’s something!):

    We can not say thank you enough for the time you spent with us on 100.7 WCOA each and every day. Your constant phone calls, posts and for some folks flat-out blunt-ness lets us know that we did some things right.

    Our goal was, and still is, to provide the best news/talk radio on the gulf coast. With the change over to JET 100.7, which by the way, does rock! , we will be consolidating with our sister station 1370 WCOA-AM.

    In the GOOD NEWS category, thanks to you, being as interactive and vocal as you are, our great friend Uncle Phil (@Phil The Phil Valentine Show) is moving over to 1370 WCOA-AM AND due to his popularity and support from each one of you, he will be enjoying his normal slot, plus 1 hour going from 2:00pm to 6:00pm! Then Mark Levin will go from 6:00pm to 9:00pm and Michael Savage will wrap up the day going from 9:00PM to Midnight. All of this begins on Monday.

    Of course, we enjoyed having that huge 100,000 watt boom stick to provide you with the best in news/talk radio, but 1370 and it’s 88 year run isn’t anything to whine about either, plus with iHeartRadio, Rdio, and direct streaming we are available anytime, anyplace.

    Good thing this isn’t twitter!!! Finally, again we wanted to say thank you for spending your valuable time with us. 100.7 WCOA didn’t have all the bells and whistles, but our listeners are, without a doubt, the most interactive, supportive, genuine folks along the gulf coast. We do hope you continue our, albeit different, journey by joining Jim, Don, Glenn, Rush, Phil, Mark, Michael and everyone else on 1370 WCOA.

    ~ Team 100.7 WCOA

    View Post · February 28 at 5:28pm

    • You would think you could get a clear reception in Perdido Key for 1370 AM but you can’t!

  20. Best news for Pensacola since the Wahoo’s stadium was finished. So glad hate radio is off the air in Pensacola.

    • Please enlighten us of one example of “hate radio” you heard on news talk 100.7. Or maybe you meant that it was good that those who didn’t drink the koolaid were silenced…

      The reason why you call it “hate radio” is that it was a constant reminder that your politics might indeed be wrong…slander is always the weapon of those that lack a cogent argument.

      Just because you label something a slanderous name doesn’t mean it is…

  21. I’m in the minority, but I think this is awesome! The programming on this channel, apart from Michael Savage, is the same junk you’d find on MSNBCFoxCNN etc. The local guys that are on in the morning are nothing but local government worshippers. Glad they changed it.

  22. I can agree that a major switch in format without informing loyal listeners was wrong, but what would that accomplish except the same whining that’s going on here? Of course you’re not going to listen anymore, it’s music instead of talk. Pull up your big boy pants and move along to talk AM, I’m glad to have a good classic rock station with B&T in the morning (we yankees like them).

  23. The unfortunate and covert 100.7 ambush was like tuning into Greta or O’Reilly and finding reruns of The Lawerence Welk Show! You guys inherit a new set of board members? Is the Maddow and Mathews Show airing soon? Air America? I would loved to have been a fly on the wall when this decision was made. Transcripts? By the way, in Molino, 1370 is hiss, crackle and fizz… Circle back and re-examine!!!!!!

  24. Bob & Tom aren’t they like 100 years old. They suck. I guess they are trying to appeal to the 65 plus demographics. All we need in the area another music station with no personality.

  25. Awesome station! Bob and Tom …! I miss them from my Indiana days. You guys rock. All my presets on all my radios are set to you. Thanks for offering the perfect station!

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