The Laura Ingraham Show transitions to 17 new stations


Talk Radio Network Enterprises’ The Laura Ingraham Show has 17 new affiliates in KGIL, Los Angeles; WCFO, Atlanta; KXAM, Phoenix; XESURF, San Diego; WWBA, Tampa; KLZ, Denver; WAMT, Orlando; WNDA, Louisville; KHBZ, Honolulu; and KPZA Hot Springs, AR. All of the markets were previously with Salem Communications. Seven more new affiliates in the major markets will not be announced until next week–stations in: Seattle; Minneapolis; Sacramento; Colorado Springs; Cleveland; San Antonio and Portland, OR. Three more are on their way to transition shortly as well.

We spoke to TRN CEO Mark Masters, who said “We still have a warm relationship with Salem, we wish them the best. I think Mike Gallagher is a wonderful guy and a good broadcaster. No one deserves to fill the vacancies left behind by Laura more than him. We had to make a business decision based on the continuing growth and expansion of the Laura Ingraham franchise—especially as the “Sarah Palin effect” adds a booster rocket to Laura’s powerhouse performance levels.”

The Laura Ingraham Show airs on well over 300 stations nationwide, and is now ranked the 5th largest syndicated show according to Talkers Magazine. Ingraham is heard in 23 of the top 25 metro markets and 44 of the top 50 metro markets.

RBR/TVBR observation: The big question is who blinked first—Salem or TRN. Remember, Laura just emerged from renewing long-term contract negotiations with TRN. We will say no more. We like to think of TRN as the Pixar of network radio—a little company with big talent, as opposed to some of its competitors that are big companies with little talent.”