The Mahlman Company launches “Asset Improvement Confederation”


Directed at both lenders and broadcasters in radio and television, The Mahlman Company has assembled a confederation of 25 experienced and active experts in the business—sales, programming, engineering, legal, finance and operations—to assess, and improve the asset value of broadcasters’ businesses.

The offering to broadcasters is to bring revenue and cash flow up in this rough environment, and to fix what might be broken.

The offering is made as well to financial institutions which have had to take over running the assets of broadcaster clients in financial turmoil. We spoke to The Mahlman Company CEO Bob Mahlman.

Listen to the interview below and see the PowerPoint presentation, in the attachment box to the right, and find out who makes up the confederation. Contact: Bob Mahlman, Jr. 914-793-1577; [email protected]

Bob Mahlman on the “Asset Improvement Confederation”