The Mike Huckabee Show hits 200-attiliate mark


Mike HuckabeeThe Cumulus Media Networks show, hosted by former Governor Mike Huckabee, is now being syndicated across 200 radio stations. “The Mike Huckabee Show” goes beyond what happened in the news and delves into why it happened. It also features guests debating Huckabee on a broad array of topics and features listener calls.

“It’s been exciting to see Governor Huckabee’s show take off, and we look forward to the continuous growth of his show,” said John Dickey, co-Chief Operating Officer of Cumulus Media.

“Reaching this huge milestone is overwhelming and I’m honored to provide the kind of talk radio show listeners want — more conversation, less confrontation,” Huckabee said.


  1. Every time I hear the word “Negotiate” like managment is to negotiate with the union, I think of the hunter that wanted a fur coat and a bear that wanted it’s belly full. Well they negotiated and they both got what they wanted. The hunter got nice and warm inside the bear’s belly wearing it’s fur coat and the bear got it’s belly full. Now thats negotiating!!!

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