The National Automotive Roundtable


The American Automotive Industry has never faced greater challenges. The government loans, the reorganization, the workers, the products, the dealers; what is the future for an industry so important to our nation’s economy? These are the questions that were explored during last week’s two-hour “National Automotive Roundtable” live on WJR News/Talk 760 Detroit and syndicated by ABC Radio Networks. The roundtable was moderated by WJR Radio morning host Paul W. Smith.

Mike Fezzey, President/GM, WJR, tells RBR he thought the event was really good for radio, “To put all of these folks together in one room—other than for the hearings—was sort of a historic moment for radio. We were really privileged and felt a tremendous amount of pride in being able to make that happen.”

Guests Included:
Rick Wagoner, Chairman & CEO of General Motors
Robert Nardelli, Chairman & CEO of Chrysler
Alan Mulally, President & CEO of Ford Motor Company
Ron Gettelfinger, President of the United Auto Workers Union
Annette Sykora, Chairman, National Automobile Dealers Association

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