The Osgood File celebrates 40 years on the radio


We’re all familiar with Charles Osgood’s unique commentary on news and popular culture, and Westwood One says this year marks the 40th anniversary of this, the longest running news/talk feature on radio. “The Osgood File with Charles Osgood” is currently heard four times daily on more than 350 radio stations nationwide, in all top 25 markets.

Osgood also currently hosts CBS Sunday Morning, which named him anchor in 1994 after he received the Marconi Radio Award in 1993.

Called “one of the last great broadcast writers” by his Sunday Morning predecessor, Charles Kuralt, Charles Osgood (among other accolades) is a member of the Radio Hall of Fame and one of the most respected journalists in the radio and television business. He has been named Best Radio Reporter five times by the Washington Journalism Review’s “Best in the Business,” and was named the 2006 recipient of The National Press Foundation’s Sol Taishoff Award for Broadcasting Excellence. In February 2001, the Association of American Publishers (AAP) presented him with AAP Honors for his work promoting American authors and books.

“To this day, I believe radio connects with people in a way that no other media has been able to duplicate,” said Osgood. “It’s where I began my career in journalism and I am delighted to still be a part of the daily lives of so many radio listeners.”

“It takes a special kind of broadcaster to be at the top of his game after four decades on the air,” said Bart Tessler, EVP/Network News and Talk for Westwood One. “It’s a great pleasure to work with a legendary journalist who has truly mastered the art of informing while entertaining.”