The ouch outlasts the license


WQMA AM 1520 in Marks MS is no longer a licensed station. Nevertheless, its former licensee, Jason Konarz, has been ordered by the FCC to pony up $14K for “…failure to enclose an antenna tower with radio frequency potential at the base within an effective locked fence.” Although the station has been unlicensed since 6/1/04, Konarz was granted an STA 6/22/06 to put the station on the air, and the notice of apparent liability was issued 11/21/08.

RBR/TVBR observation: The FCC was light on details in this particular NAL. But sometimes the effective locked fence violation can hinge on something as trivial as failure to have an effective padlock on a gate. This case certainly underscores how seriously the FCC takes its public safety rules.