The Outsourced Sales Manager: A New Possibility for Radio/TV


Interim media management company InTown Media has unveiled a new sales management program.

The program, New Day Sales, allows local media organizations to access experienced senior sales management consultants — a cost-effective option for those who cannot afford a full-time sales manager.

New Day Sales is designed to accomplish such tasks as filing sales funnels, running effective sales meetings, creating new sales programs, one-on-one target account management, and idea consulting.

InTown Media is headed by Jackson Dell Weaver, former President of the Washington State Broadcasters Association.

“Everyone is working remotely these days, so whether your GSM is in L.A. or Peoria doesn’t really matter,” He says. “It’s the skill level we bring to the table that counts.”

InTown is a member of the Independent Broadcasters Association and offers additional discounts to member stations.

During the first quarter New Day Sales is being offered at a 50% discount.