The QGoLive RV Radio Road Trip is Underway


QGoLive’s James Copeland is literally touring the country, with COVID-19 physical distancing in place, and is calling on radio stations in markets of all sizes for demos of new software that can deliver studio-quality audio from a smartphone or computer.

He’s doing so in an old-school Winnebago, and started his travels in Wichita.

It’s a hands-on with six-foot distance way for the Harris Media-developed product to grow its familiarity with radio station managers and programmers across the U.S.

QGoLive is already in use at some 100 stations in markets including New York, Philadelphia, Miami, and Dallas.

New affiliates include Cenla Broadcasting, of Alexandria, La.; Jam Media; and WATH-AM & WXTQ-FM in Athens, Ohio.

QGoLive affiliations are handled by AdLarge Media. That company’s VP/Affiliate Marketing, Jessica Sherman, says, “Our QGoLive team are experts in remote broadcasting software. James is on the road to get the word out and to help all operators, large and small, equip their entire team and contributors with remote capabilities. The pandemic has taught us all that radio needs easy solutions for broadcasting from home that sounds great. QGoLive delivers just that, but we can be so much more as broadcasters open up to our new reality.”

As of Monday (6/220), Copeland was traveling in New Mexico, en route to Texas.

Stations in New Mexico or Texas can email James Copeland at [email protected], and he’ll swing by their radio station. Stations can also contact Jessica Sherman at [email protected].