The Savage Stream Prevails Again


Michael SavageWhen it comes to accessing spoken word audio content via streaming, the fans of Michael Savage are by far the largest in that particular universe. The identity of the #2 talker bears witness to the enormity of Savage’s feat.

The #2 talker is Rush Limbaugh.

Savage’s latest TSL rating from is nearly double that of Limbaugh.

The enormity of Savage’s feat is amplified when we add in the fact that Limbaugh’s score is more than double that of #3 Laura Ingraham.
TalkStreamLive said that Savage’s +25 score is unprecented.

Here are results from 4/1-6/30.

Rank / Show / Share
1 Michael Savage 25.3
2 Rush Limbaugh 12.8
3 Laura Ingraham 6.0
4 Mark Levin 5.7
5 Glenn Beck 5.6
6 Sean Hannity 3.7
7 Tammy Bruce 2.5
8 George Noory 2.2
9 Alex Jones 1.8
10 Howie Carr 1.6
11 John Batchelor 1.6
12 Bill Bennett 1.5
13 Hugh Hewitt 1.1
14 Red Eye Radio 1.1
15 Clyde Lewis 1.1
16 The Dana Show 1.1
17 Dennis Prager 1.0
18 Michael Medved 0.9
19 Herman Cain 0.8
20 Sam Sorbo 0.8
21 Jeff Kuhner 0.8
22 IMUS 0.6
23 Jerry Doyle 0.6
24 The Power Hour 0.6
25 Larry Kudlow 0.5


  1. What does it mean that the most incendiary talkers have the highest ratings? It’s kind of scary, especially if you believe in civil discourse.

  2. Scott: My favorite greeting by a local judge: “Have a Civil Day!” Civil manners are needed for good community life. Ratings reveal a preference for speakers who speak the real, shared, experience. They emphasize with fluctuating volume, eloquence. They are not ‘discoursing’ in your face, but lending understanding in a microphone which you can turn down or off. Most of all, we have the right to choose who we listen to and learn from. One of my fave profs turned red and lost composure over great discoveries in science! Other teachers would look in the door and smile when they saw everything was fine. He was easily understood…perhaps not fully by everybody. Maybe think of it less personally, as a book read aloud. After all, the radio personalities are not the ones with power we need to fear. Fear the ones who can take freedom of ideas away.

  3. It’s such a great show. Its better than a politics show; its a great conversation and good company, that happens to includes politics and current events among such a rich medley of other topics; warm, sincere, intimate and funny too. Be blessed, Dr. Savage.

  4. Dr. Savage is the epitome of talk radio! He transcends all generations and is a breathe of fresh air in a world filled with liberal wackos. Continue to speak to the masses who love you and enjoy listening to you everyday! God speed Dr. Savage!

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