The Tacher Company signs Light Media


Inspirational media broadcaster Light Media announced an exclusive deal with The Tacher Company for regional and national advertising representation for its flagship radio station Power 105.5/The King – WZBN-FM Albany, GA.

Light Media also signed with Arbitron for the $5.5 million metro Albany market.

“Tacher, in its presentations to regional and national advertisers will be positively positioned to effectively leverage Power 105.5/The King’s radio ratings data, for the Metro Albany, GA market, under the recently announced Light Media agreement with Arbitron.  Arbitron’s comparative market data is a powerful weapon without equal and when combined with highly-skilled and experienced advertising sales professionals like The Tacher Company, the competitive terrain for broadcasters like Light Media becomes more even, opportunity-rich and navigable.  In 2012, Light Media remains focused on its commitment to invest and reinvest, not only in technology, assets and resources but also in key strategic relationships for maximization of corporate value and shareholder wealth,” said Danny Wilson, CEO, Light Media.

The Tacher Company now has over 600 radio station partners, representing mid and small market broadcasters to major agencies and advertisers throughout the US.