The Tacher Company signs Mainstream media; two networks


The Tacher CompanyIndependent rep firm The Tacher Company will now be representing The Successful Farming Radio Magazine network and the Doing What Works radio network. Darrell Anderson, who owns and operates North Shore Productions with his wife, Maureen, had this to say: “We’re exciting to be working with Tacher. These folks have earned a solid reputation in the advertising community and that integrity is what drew us into the relationship. We know our ad clients are going to be impressed with the results.”

The Tacher Company has also aligned itself with Mainestream Media LLC as the station group’s exclusive national rep.  The group operates WHTP-FM which serves the Portland, ME metro area. Tacher has a great track record in Portland already as they also represent another group in the market.   WHTP-FM opted to sign with Tacher as they recognized the success the other group has enjoyed nationally.