“The Wonderful World of Ostaro” launching on ION


IonCelebrity astrologer Ostaro has just wrapped filming the pilot of his new television show slated for the ION network, “The Wonderful World of Ostaro”. It’s where reality show meets talk show, with a blend of truth and humor.

Now that the pilot is completed, “The Wonderful World of Ostaro” has launched a campaign to finish production and secure distribution for the new show that will give “an entirely new perspective on life.” Ostaro is offering exciting incentives to support the Indiegogo campaign, including a personal reading from the master himself.  Indiegogo is an international crowd funding site headquartered in San Francisco. Ostaro wants to help connect people with the stars, on television and in the sky.

Practicing a Chaldean system of astrology, a very ancient system that takes into account planetary indications in conjunction with numerological implications. He is an accomplished astrological consultant with a proven track record for more than three decades. His philosophy is Eastern while his approach to problem solving is Western.