“The Woody Show” joins ALT 98.7


KSYRCCME’s Alternative KYSR-FM announced its new morning drive show, “The Woody Show,” will debut on 4/21. It will replace “Music in the Morning With ALT  98.7.”

The Woody Show features Woody, Ravey, Menace and Greg Gory, real life friends, who are having fun, raw, honest conversations about things happening in the world. They will reunite on the station for the first time since 2009, when they were a top rated morning show in San Francisco.  Since then, they’ve hosted the No. 1 morning show in St. Louis, while Menace and Gory each anchor separate successful shows in San Francisco.

“As much as I’m going to miss the people in St. Louis, I really couldn’t ask for a better opportunity than this,’ said Woody.  “I’m psyched to be reunited with my old crew from San Francisco, and beyond flattered that of all the people and shows Andrew, Mike and Greg could have chosen, they chose us.”

“What’s most exciting for me about reuniting this crew is that they’re genuine. They talk about things that are important to all of us,” said Mike Kaplan, ALT  98.7 PD.  “These are the friends listeners will want to hang out with after work, at a party or any time.”