The X Factor, Pepsi let fans design special performance


The “Pepsi Choice Performance” is a new partnership element allowing fans to help select details of a special ensemble performance by the finalists on The X Factor live results show on a special night, Wednesday, 11/23 (8:00-9:00 PM ET)  on FOX.

Viewers will influence songs, wardrobe style, dance style and special effects. In addition, there will be a special “creative suggestion box” that will enable fans to offer other ideas to be considered by the show’s producers.  

Fans can voice their choice at the “Pepsi Choice Performance” page at, and now through 11/18, at which time show’s team will begin to bring to life what the show’s fans want to see from the remaining acts.

RBR-TVBR observation: Yet another example of a show’s producers and advertisers allowing viewers to interact and control the programming via social media. However, this is also another example of the effort being done without also using iTV mechanisms though set-top boxes. The Canoe consortium is certainly trying to change this, aiming to achieve a standard for iTV implementation so that they can easy work the technology within a national campaign. But at this point, there are still competing companies and technologies in the space.