From Canada To You: Outsourced Music Scheduling


Don’t have time to figure out what songs sound best in music sweep after music sweep?

Not to worry: There’s a maple leaf solution now available for you.

Three former Canadian radio industry colleagues have formed an Ottawa-based company that specializes in the outsourcing of music scheduling programming for radio stations.

Led by Leo Da Estrela, Kara Yamich and Mark Dickie, The Music Department is designed to work with broadcasters around the globe.

The company seeks clients in the U.S. that will allow his team to assume the responsibility for building and maintaining the station’s clocks, music categories & rotations, 24/7 scheduling, and deliverance of compliance reports.

“How the radio business operates has been evolving non-stop for several years now and its not over,” says Da Estrela. “An obvious next step is to outsource the back office: Creative, imaging, traffic and music. We are not the first to provide some of these services, but we are one of the first companies in North America to specialize in music scheduling.”