Things not so OK for OK City TV station


The FCC was not buying Griffin Communications’ contention that it did not run afoul of the Commission’s rules for publicizing the location of its Television Programming Reports for CBS KWTV in Oklahoma City. However, the station’s past good behavior did earn it a reduction.

The reports apparently were available, but until 1/6/06, the station was not regularly publicizing that fact. The result was a $10K fine.

Griffin requested a cancellation of reduction. It said that it did begin publicizing the lists, but the FCC countered that taking remedial action is expected, not something to be rewarded or grounds for cancellation. Griffin also noted that other fines for the same offense carried smaller fines, but the FCC countered that the other fines were for violations of shorter duration.

The FCC did acknowledge the station’s record of compliance with FCC rules and regs, and knocked $2K off the bottom line for a total assessment of $8K.