Third sale in less than three years for Sebring LPTV


The license for what is now WGPS-LP Sebring FL has gone from Trinity Christian Center of Santa Ana to Rehoboth Beach Communications to Bella Spectra Communications and is headed for TV38 of Southwest Florida. The good news is the price keeps appreciating.

Trinity sold the station as a translator pursuant to a 2/12/10 application to Rehoboth. It was on Channel 51 at the time and went for $8.5K.

Rehoboth then sent it and a CP to move to Channel 38 to Bella Spectra for $16.5K based on a 12/2/11 contract.

Now the station is on its way to TV38, headed by Jeanette R. Showalter. And the prices has improved all the way up to $85K. In a time of rampant seller paper use, this station’s compensation package is instead heavily front-loaded. TV38 will make a $50K deposit and pay the remaining $35K in cash at closing.