This Sick Beat: Radio’s Big Spot Users


Is it the cold and flu season? It appears so, given the bump in activity by one of the largest pharmacy chains in the U.S.

It could have been seen at broadcast and/or cable television. Instead, Walgreens is using Radio.

According to the latest Spot Ten Radio report from iHeart-owned Media Monitors, Walgreens is now the third-largest paid advertiser using spot radio. For the week ending Oct. 20, Walgreens accounted for 36,402 spot plays.

It’s a jump from No. 46, when taking into account iHeartRadio spots; RBR+TVBR does not include these spot plays as they do not accurately reflect ad-spending trends.

At No. 1 once again, returning to the top: GEICO.

Also enjoying another big week is McDonald’s.

Meanwhile, C-Suite executives may wish to take note of the Nissan Altima efforts that include spot radio. It is the first time in many months that an automotive campaign reaches the top 10 spot radio advertisers, by number of spot plays.