This vehicle may be hazardous to your health


Cars. They emit noxious vapors and consume massive quantities of energy derived from fossil fuels. They force massive amounts of land to be paved over for roads and parking lots. And the European Parliament is thinking about forcing their manufacturers to stick a warning into commercials for them. According to PR trade Daily Dog, as much as 20% of space and time may be required for auto ads, if the EP body gets its wish. However, DD notes that the EP really doesn’t have all that much power. It has been known to attempt to shame European community entities which do have power into following a certain path, but whether or not it will have an effect on the 8.6B spent there to market cars is unclear. At the very least, EP may try to steer manufacturers away from touting speed and power (attributes associated with gas-guzzling) and toward emphasizing fuel efficiency and other environmentally-friendly attributes.