Thom Hartmann


Dial Global’s Thom Hartmann’s latest book, “Rebooting The American Dream” is being serialized online in its entirety.  It’s a collaboration between Thom’s publishing company BK Publishing and

“We at Truthout are honored to be part of a cutting-edge experiment that could transform the way information and ideas are disseminated in the digital age”, says Truthout Publisher, Maya Schenwar. “By printing the entirety of bestselling author Thom Hartmann’s latest book, “Rebooting the American Dream,” in weekly installments, we hope to catapult Hartmann’s groundbreaking vision into the public sphere, providing widespread access to his insights as they travel across the social networks – and into the hands of a diverse crowd of readers.” is publishing weekly instalments from “Rebooting the American Dream”, which contains a straightforward look at 11 steps Americans can take today to rebuild our country, according to Hartmann.