Three commercial-free FMs for $33K


A pair of Texas noncoms located in the state’s panhandle, and another in New Mexico that is about as close to the panhandle as you can get without actually being in Texas, have been sold.

The seller is Better Public Broadcasting Association. Trustee Dennis Burton signed off on the deal for BPBA. It will be left with two stations in Oklahoma and one each in Colorado and Kansas.

The buyer is Top ‘O Texas Educational Broadcasting Foundation, headed by Ricky Pfeil, James Loper and Freddie Richardson. It already owns four Texas stations and one each in New Mexico, Oklahoma and Kansas.

The $33K price tag is back-loaded completely via a promissory note.

The stations are:
KOGW-FM Stratford TX, a Class A on 91.7 MHz with 100 W @ 151’
KUHC-FM Clayton NM, a Class A on90.1 MHz with 120 W @ 112’
KOGC-FM Wheeler TX, a Class C3 on 88.3 MHz with 10 kW @ 351’.

The FCC lists the Wheeler station as licensed but silent.