Three find a niche on Radio Board


The National Association of Broadcasters cannot be accused of a lack of diversity on its Radio Board. Three new members join with five holdovers to form a group that will benefit from male, female, African American, Hispanic, Religious, large market and small market perspectives. Newcomers Ed Atsinger, president and CEO, Salem Communications; Sally Brown, vice president of radio – Indiana, Schurz Communications; and Gary Stone, president and COO, Univision Radio, are joining holdovers Susan Davenport Austin, senior vice president and CFO, Sheridan Broadcasting Corporation; Ed Christian, president and CEO, Saga Communications; Jessica Marventano, senior vice president for government affairs, Clear Channel Communications; Susan Patrick, executive vice president and co-owner, Legend Communications; and Charles Warfield, president and COO, ICBC Broadcast Holdings.

RBR/TVBR observation: If the FCC licensee database looked like this, Michael Copps, David Honig and Byron Dorgan could all retire to the beach and discuss the old days when they were doing battle to increase the ownership levels for women and minorities. If only it were that easy. But the fact that the actual ownership problem is a great deal more intractable than the problem of populating the Radio Board is no reason not to commend the NAB for its example. Let’s hope they are successful in returning the minority tax credit to life, one of the more effective tools in achieving the diversity goal.