Three From 64: All-New Custom In-Ear Monitors


PORTLAND, ORE. — A Vancouver, Wash.-based maker of custom and universal fit in-ear monitors has started shipping a trio of new custom model in-ear monitors for musicians, audiophiles and radio and TV industry professionals.

The monitors from 64 Audio each bear a unique sound signature, allowing musicians and audiophiles to choose a model that caters to their musical tastes, said Vitaliy Belonozhko, 64 Audio founder and chief sound designer. “This is a significant launch for us,” he said. “It represents the culmination of some very hard work by our R&D and engineering teams to bring a technology into virtually our entire lineup that was once available only in our flagship products. I’ve wanted to do this for a long time and I’m thrilled that we can make it available to even more musicians and audiophiles out there.”

Headlining for the A6t and A4t is tia, a technology exclusive to 64 Audio that works by eliminating sound-altering tubes and dampers. Sound produced by the tia system is able to disperse freely and effortlessly, yielding an incredibly smooth and musical frequency response. The A6t and A4t feature two major elements of the tia system: the tia high driver and the tia single bore design.

“Building off of 64 Audio’s popular 4-driver design, the A4t is the entry into our proprietary tia technology, delivering exceptionally lifelike clarity and musicality,” said Belonozhko. “Its balanced sound signature makes it the perfect fit for just about any genre.”

The “in-ear monitor of choice” for touring musicians and discerning music lovers, the A6t features tia and LID (Linear Impedance Design) to greatly improve its popular 6-driver predecessor. “Our A6t features a full and detailed sound signature that brings out the warmth and musicality in any live mix or recording,” Belonozhko continued. “The A6t is ideal for musicians and audiophiles looking for added accuracy and resolution.”

LID is a technology exclusive to 64 Audio that ensures a consistent frequency response regardless of the source, perfect for musicians plugging into a variety of equipment.

The A3e is an extremely versatile IEM with impressive clarity and warmth for any instrument or genre. “With its neutral and balanced tuning, the A3e delivers a surprisingly transparent and musical sound ideal for musicians and music lovers alike,” Belonozhko concluded. “This 3-driver earphone also features LID.”

All three models also feature 64 Audio’s patent-pending apex (Air Pressure Exchange) Technology, a pneumatically interactive vent that dramatically reduces listening fatigue by releasing sound pressure that is inherent in earphone designs. 3D Fit is 64 Audio’s proprietary 3D printing process that results in a personalized fit not found in any other IEM.

The A6t (MSRP: $1,299), A4t (MSRP: $999), both of which feature 64 Audio’s new patent-pending tubeless tia technology, and A3e (MSRP: $699) are now available at and authorized retailers.